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Speaking to the OWS crowd about Ron Paul

Fellow Ronulans!

Yesterday at the Honolulu version of Occupy Wall Street I had some success in converting potential voters, and a lot of success making the protestors think about the people running for office (about a 5% voter conversion of the crowd, but the rest certainly had food for thought). I thought I would share it with you. I'm sure many or most of you are already doing something similar, but... just in case...

When I started talking, I summarized the chief complaint of all the protestors there: they are tired of big money influence in Washington DC, and of the "greedy" banks and corporations not sharing the wealth. Some wanted government to step in and do something, and others already knew that change was going to largely come from our dollar vote; where and how we spent our money.

Then I moved into discussing President Obama's devotion and allegiance to Wall Street, and tied in the beau coup sums of money he received in 2008 and will receive in 2012 from Wall Street interests. I told them that Mitt Romney is also a Wall Street sweetheart and gets tons of money from special interests. Finally, I moved to discussing Rick Perry's $17 million haul over 2 months from 20,000 donors, and juxtaposed that with Ron Paul's $8 million haul... from 100,000 donors.

I asked them what they thought that meant, and most realized that Perry was also a sweetheart of corporate interests. I told them Ron Paul doesn't get a dime from the corporations or lobbyists and I asked them if they knew why.

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How can we win?

Beyond donating to the campaign, and beyond volunteering, there are a few things that are necessary for us to move on if we are going to really get Ron Paul the GOP nomination.

No matter how you may feel about Ron Paul, many don't have your interest in politics or even look beyond the talking points to understand the true differences in candidates. Some in the GOP may not even care as long as they think the candidate they pick can beat Obama.

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Sioux City Journal - Ron Paul's Message Resonates with Sioux City Crowd

SIOUX CITY -- Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul drew applause Tuesday when he told an audience of about 200 that he supports a return to a monetary system based on the gold standard.

Even more of those who gathered for the Texas congressman's town-hall-style campaign stop here clapped and shouted in agreement when Paul spoke in support of a much less interventionist foreign policy for the United States. That talk resulted in several applause lines for Paul, who finished second in the Iowa Republican Party straw poll in August.

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Ron Paul Supporter Sponsors MMA Fight

A Ron Paul Support has sponsored a MMA fight for the Revolution! A fighter in another event heard about it and wanted Ron Paul Revolution covering the ring. It will be held in Georgia. It will be televised. The hurdle to get it done is 1500 dollars and it will be held in Oct (next month). Would you want to chip in?

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Google Bomb This; Ron Paul's Reagan Revisionism

Crash the Iowa Republican website with traffic.

Google search
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Ron Paul's Reagan Revisionism | The Iowa Republican
16 hours ago – Ron Paul's newly released attack ad refers to the congressman as, “the one who stood with Reagan.” But his 1987 letter announcing his ...

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Powerful message from former (C.I.A. Agent) to all Americans!

Powerful message from former (C.I.A. Agent) to all Americans!!

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Get Sick and so Angry, you will vote for Ron Paul

Aside from the books that Ron Paul has written to explain the Federal Reserve and Sound Money situation, the one book that is a must read and should be taught in every history class is one that Ron Paul himself, endorsed; “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, by G. Edward Griffin. It seems to me that if the voting population would take the time to read this very enlightening and interesting book about the CRIMINAL creation of the Federal Reserve, Ron Paul would be the clear and ONLY choice for President. He is the only candidate that has been bird-dogging this CRIME since he came into office.

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Breaking: DOJ blocks AT&T bid for T-Mobile

The Obama administration on Wednesday filed to block AT&T's proposed acquisition of wireless rival T-Mobile USA because of anticompetitive concerns, two sources familiar with the matter said.

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Ron Paul could gain more supporters by K.I.S.S.- Keeping It Super Simple

People would discover that they agree with Ron Paul on more issues than they think if he would keep his explanations of his views positive and simple.

For example, more people need to know that it doesn't make a difference if they share the personal views on abortion or drug legalization because he doesn't think the Federal Government should be involved in our lives on that level anyway. This needs to be drilled into people's heads because the media keeps bringing it up like it is a deal breaker.

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Video: Anti-Ron Paul Subliminal Message in TV Show "Breaking Bad"

Subliminal message:

Ron Paul supporters like Meth. They are crazy. Don't be associated with them.

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