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How would you react to Bachmann quitting?

Michele Bachmann's fundraising numbers for the past quarter could signal the beginning death throes of her campaign. We will know more after Oct. 15. The State Column carries an article that contains this line:

"The Minnesota Republican. who has spent the past month facing plummeting poll numbers, is said to be facing a shortage of cash that could force her exit from the 2012 race before the Iowa caucus in January.

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Why Not Michele Bachmann (In 60 Seconds)

Why Not Michele Bachmann (In 60 Seconds):


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Ron Paul is #1 in the Cumulative Straw Poll Tally from all the 2011 Straw Polls


Ron Paul is #1
And there are only TWO Straw Polls left!
Value Voters Straw Poll: http://www.valuesvotersummit.org/
Illinois Straw Poll: http://955glo.com/tags/november-5/
This information is available here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw_polls_for_the_Republican_...
Cumulative Results through September 17, 2011

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Shafting the Poll's and Trimming the Top Tier

Here's a portion of a blog post @ http://4libertysake.com/2011/09/23/shafting-the-polls-and-tr...

At first, I just wrote the idea of a media blackout off as something that every presidential election hears when a candidates not happy with their poll numbers (some still do), but this year is so obvious that I can’t deny it anymore. In fact, Fox News‘ Freedom Watch show isn’t pulling any punches either when it comes to this issue. Judge Andrew Napolitano is just as upset as we are over the issue of the media blackout in regards to presidential candidate Ron Paul.

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Help Michele Bachmann find her missing children

It struck me funny watching the so called 'Tea Party Debate' that Michele Bachmann forgot some of her children. So many times in the past she had made sure to mention the five children of hers naturally also while getting in the big 20 something little girls she boarded for the eating disorder program. But here she was during this debate claiming only three? *full stop* What? Did I just hear her mess that up? What woman forgets how many children she has or doesn't finish a sentence like that with a qualifier of some kind?

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Bachmann no Stranger to Big Pharma Donations

[MarketWatch] Rep. Michele Bachmann went after Rick Perry on Monday night for the Texas governor’s ties to pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. Inc. But Bachmann herself is no stranger to contributions from the pharmaceutical industry, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

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Debate Moderators and Parrots

In the last debate(09/07/2011),John Huntsman said he wants to bring home the troops from Afghanistan. Rick Perry said Americans want to see a clear entrance and clear exit strategy when intervening militarily. Michele Bachmann said she thinks it was wrong for the President to go into Libya. Rick Santorum said the President only went into Libya because the UN told him to do so.

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Bachmann worked for Jimmy Carter. Perry worked for Gore. Liberal Agenda?

Michele Bachman and her husband worked for Jimmy Carter's presidential campaign and Rick Perry worked for al Gore's campaign. Mitt Romney gave us Obamacare. Do all these candidates have liberal agenda? Bachmann's approval of the patriot act and Perry's gobbling up of obamas stimulus money raise questions of which side are they really on. If you believe in conspiracy theories or not Rick Perry did attend Bilderberg meetings and definatley has a globalist agenda along with the others. Google Michele Bachmann jimmy carter and see the story.

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Need some help voting for Fox/Google debate questions

For those who may not already know, Fox News and Google are teaming up to hold the next televised GOP debates and they are accepting submitting for questions from the general public. I've posted a few questions and there are already some up there that would help the Liberty agenda by setting the mood of the debate. In particular I presented a clever question to Congresswoman Bachmann about the origin of the Tea Party movement that currently has a negative vote status.

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(Video) Gay Flash Mob for the Bachmanns

If you've ever wanted to watch Michele Bachmann's husband crack a whip and bust a move, it's worth a watch.

But even if that's not exactly what gets you going, the video is worth viewing for the sheer spectacle: almost a hundred "gay barbarians" dressed like Flinstones characters, dancing a well-choreographed number in the parking lot of Bachmann & Associates to the tune of "Born This Way."

They might not have made it inside the Bachmann & Associates clinic, but no one there will ever forget this dance routine.

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What Ron Paul's 2nd Place at Ames Really Meant

I worked on the Paul campaign in 2007/2008, raising funds, organizing a 500-strong city-wide Meetup group, planning and executing rallies and marches, holding sign-wavings, renting booths at festivals, and ignoring my wife and kids while I wrote essays and articles on various blogs about how great it would be if Ron Paul were President and why I supported him.

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