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Infowars Insider Reports On GOP Strategist Saying That Paul Can Win GOP Nomination

The free subscription email newsletter has this article about the segment on Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch with the Judge interviewing GOP Strategist Jack Burkman.

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By Paul Joseph Watson

Republican Strategist Jack Burkman told Fox Business host Judge Andrew Napolitano that "Ron Paul could win the GOP nomination," given the fact that Perry and Romney's campaigns have started to crumble whereas Herman Cain has no real political experience.

Watch the video here - http://youtu.be/QQF4LbLq-fk

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Sarah Palin: Ron Paul may be in front of Michele Bachmann

...of the current Republican lineup, Palin told Hanity, "I think people are still going to be coming and going because there is still time, and I’m still one of those still considering." When Hannity asked her thoughts on the current "top three" -- Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, and Michele Bachmann, Palin flinched ever so slightly. "Ron Paul may be in front of Michele Bachmann, according to certain polls. Shoot, I’ve seen my own name up there in the top three."

Read more: http://www.theatlanticwire.com/politics/2011/09/sarah-palin-...

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Michelle Obama "disses" the American flag

I'm sorry if this has all ready been posted, but it needs to go viral.

Just who are these people occupying the White House?

Please watch and send to all you know:


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Ron Paul Schools Bachmann On Gas Prices

A great read with the author of it explaning what Ron Paul mean't that he can give us gas for ten cents because silver dimes are at a inflated price of 3.50 cents on average compared to Bachmann who is promising lower but still inflated gas prices per gallon.


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10 Reasons Why Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann Suck

(Author’s note: I am aware that this is an incomplete list, but I had to narrow it down to 10 points-please add to the list in the comments section)

Rick Perry:

• Perry mandated compulsory Gardasil vaccines for 6th grade girls, which was overturned by the state legislature (2007).

• As the Agriculture Commissioner of Texas, Perry ushered genetically engineered (GE) crops into the state. He used dirty tricks to defeat the former Commissioner, Jim Hightower, who instituted the organic farmers certification program and would have required GE food labeling.

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Ron Paul Versus The Candidates


I wish I knew how to embed videos here... My apologies... but this video lists problems in each of the other candidates and their claims to be "small government." It is not all-inclusive, and I would bet the video that was all inclusive would be more than a couple of hours long, but... I hope it's things like this that make people think twice about TEA Party sweetheart Michelle Bachmann, "Slick" Mitt Romney and J.R. "Dick" Perry.

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