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military contributions for 3rd Quarter?

Who knows how to find out the military contributions for Q3?

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Members of Military Donate More to Paul than Obama

Article title should've been...

"Members of Military Donate MOST to Paul than Obama"
Presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul has his own fervent army of followers. He advocates bringing the troops home from overseas, and, guess what, Paul has received the most donations from members of the military.

Here's the breakdown:

Cain - $6223

Romney - $5000

Bachmann - $2550

Newt - $1025

Pawlenty - $250

Santorum - $250

Johnson - $0

Total GOP (excluding Ron Paul) - $15,298.00

Rep Ron Paul - $36,739.79

President Obama - $28,833.99

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Ron Paul LEADS GOP Candidates in Military Donations

52.53% of military donations to GOP candidates went to Ron Paul. It may be only $23,000, but I think it is very significant. As a mother, it almost makes me cry. They want to come home. Their families want them home. I would imagine these are primarily grassroots small individual contributions. I think they are huge.

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