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“Forgotten” college students turning to Libertarian party (YAL)- USA Today

“Forgotten” college students turning to Libertarian party
By Eric Austin

Grant Williams doesn’t consider himself a revolutionary. But that doesn’t mean he’s not angry.

“I want to be free to prosper,” Williams said. “I feel like it’s so hard to bring your talents to rewarding use in the market place, and it shouldn’t be that way.”

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Difference between Keynes & Hayek.

Planned vs. Free Market. Excellent video from the Mises Institute 45 minutes by Dr. Roger W. Garrison of Auburn University.

Simple & easy to understand. Great for jumping into the fundamental differences between the two.


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Video Update: Ron Paul on FOX News Sunday w/ Chris Wallace


Congressman Paul will be on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and Fox News Network this Sunday, August 28th. Check local listings for the time.
Thank Chris Wallace: FOX News Sunday fns@foxnews.com
~or phone Fox News: "you'll have a unique opportunity to make your voice heard and affect change at FNC...you can call us at 1-888-369-4762."


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Why isn’t the campaign video recording all of Ron Paul’s public speeches and Q&A sessions?

Why isn’t the campaign video recording all of Ron Paul’s public speeches and Q&A sessions?

Ron Paul has given a few speeches since he started his campaign for the presidency, yet I believe I have seen only one that may have been recorded by the campaign. (Speech in Cedar Rapids?)

(I have a few of Ron Paul's public speeches on my site here: http://www.ronpauldailyne...)

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Currency Competition vs Boom-Bust Cycle

Boom-Bust in a Free-Society can only happen in the short-run
---during IPO
---during new product innovation
---the only time to grow wealth

Boom-Bust under Corporatism (even under Capitalism) happens in the mid-to-long run and it happens in the short-run too, just not as dynamically as would happen in a free-society.

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