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Jimmy Carter endorses Mitt Romney!

By John Talty | September 16, 2011

Former President Jimmy Carter appeared on MSNBC Thursday night and endorsed candidate Mitt Romney for the Republican Party's presidential nomination.

The former president told Rachel Maddow that he would be "very pleased to see him win the Republican nomination."

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Rasmussen: Romney 41%, Obama 43%; Cain 39%, Obama 42%, Perry 35%, Obama 49%

According to three new Rasmussen polls released this week, Romney trails Obama by 2, Cain trails Obama by 3 and Obama now has a double digit lead against Perry.

And Ron Paul is 'unelectable?'

That's all the information you can get without being a subscriber, but here are the links.

Obama vs. Romney:
Obama vs. Cain:

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Meet Rich Lowrie, Herman Cain's Mystery Economic Adviser, a Romney Supporter

Every wonder why Cain and Romney are so friendly with each other? You can probably expect mutual endorsements.

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GOP Debate: Ron Paul Calls Out Herman Cain For Lie Over Fed Audit

At the GOP debate Tuesday night, Ron Paul, the longest-serving advocate of a Fed audit in Congress, asked Herman Cain, a former director of the Kansas City Fed, why he opposed an audit of the central bank, and why he called advocates of such an audit ignorant.

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Romney, "There's a lot of reasons not to elect me"!

We need to start watching the other candidates adds.
This one is worth the minute.

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Romney Picks Notorious Neocon as lead Foreign Policy Advisor

Romney Picks Notorious Neocon as lead Foreign Policy Advisor

GOP front-runner Mitt Romney – who has promised us another century of mass murder and crimes against humanity – has picked a neocon as his new foreign policy adviser.


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Opposition Research

It's time for Dr.Paul to go on the attack.
let's list the weak spots of the main opposition.

Herman Cain: The FED, support for TARP, anything else?
Mitt Romney: taxes as "fees", Romneycare (this was a good idea at the state level?), anti-gun (supported the assault weapons ban, fought against sunset, replaced with a state law), support for TARP, anything else?
Rick Perry: a new war in Mexico?, Illegal aliens, the TTC, Gardasil, TARP, anything else?

precautionary (remember Mcain last time)

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Beck is an idiot.

I was listening to his radio program yesterday and he said if the economy goes completely in the toilet that would impact voters' choice in the GOP primary. Then they would seek the strongest person on the economy, the one who best knows how to get us out of the mess, and that would be (get ready)...

Mitt Romney!

This makes me want to sell Glenn some valuable swampland and maybe some bridge shares. How did he ever pass a driver's test if he can't see something right in front of his face?

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Ron Should Start Calling Romney "Unelectable"

I came to a realization the other day - a similarly big loser based on Media and GOP attention is Mitt Romney. The guy is a front runner and, besides calling him that, all the media does is talk about how other candidates are better then him. First it was Perry, when he entered the race, and everyone watched as the media made him out to be a God who far surpassed Romney in everything he did.

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Mitt Romney just donated to Ron Paul! haha

Was just on the campaign website and saw that a "Mitt Romney" from Des Moines, Iowa had apparently donated and was displayed on the Recent Donor Ticker... very funny- didn't have time to get a screen-shot.

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New York Sun Proposes Romney-Paul Ticket

Can you imagine a more improbable role for Ron Paul (to be Romney's VP)? They're screening comments but I squeaked one through (see: David)

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Fox News: There is a new Top Tier! The New Top Three: Perry, Romney and Cain!

Oh, My! Fox News is thanking their lucky stars for the FL straw poll and this new poll so that they can once again marginalize Ron Paul. I could just see the producers, editors and commentators all breathing a collective sigh of relief that they could almost legitimately move someone else into the top tier to replace fallen Michele Bachmann. I literally laughed out loud when I saw the headline!

Here is the drivel if you care to read:

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