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Ron Paul Leads Hearing On First Ever Audit Of Fed

by Steve Watson

Texas Congressman and 2012 presidential candidate Ron Paul held hearings Tuesday into a recent and rare one off audit of the Federal Reserve’s crisis-response emergency lending programs of 2008.

In his role as chairman of the Domestic Monetary Policy subcommittee, Paul relished the glimmer of transparency that was afforded as part of the Dodd-Frank Act, signed into law last year.

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Monetary History

Sweden's Monetary History


Copper 1668-1709
Paper 1709-1719 Suspected bank panic
Copper 1719-1745
Paper 1745-1776 Suspected bank panic
Silver 1777-1789
Paper 1789-1803 IRREDEEMABLE notes issued by the Debt Office came out, pushed out Riksbank redeem notes
Silver 1803-1809

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Video Update : 1 hour of Ron Paul! Ron Paul Hearing on Restoring Sound Money

Thanks to RonPaul2008dotcom and, of course Ron Paul.

This is the Meat and Potatoes of Ron Paul. Sitting in the top chair as committee Chair Man Ron & the Gang gets to talk on and on and on uninterrupted about the number one topic...... Funny Money and how to make it sound.

Great line up of people he has on the panel this is ground breaking fiat money busting video! Damn the Federal Reserve is getting hit hard from within! For economists amongst us, this is like gulping honey.

Additional info about the video:

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Mike Maloney - Up Close and Personal - Why he hopes Ron Paul won't be president

Okay, this is the best reason I've heard for why Ron Paul should not win: if the collapse comes while he's in office, capitalism, libertarianism, and Ron Paul will get the blame. It's one that worries me.

Mike Maloney says he loves Ron Paul, but that's what he fears.

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On the definition of fiat currency

The word “fiat” means to rule by decree. But nobody decreed that we must value dollars. We value dollars because the Fed possesses a portfolio of three-month T-Bills. We are confident that, should inflation threaten to turn into hyperinflation, the Fed can withdraw currency from society by selling those T-Bills and destroying the cash.

I discuss how this once happened in my paper, Is the Collapse of the Dollar Inevitable?

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