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Sign Bomb a Success! Here is What's Next!

Our first nationwide Sign Bomb on October 10th, 2011 was a success!!!

We've energized our base and shown people Ron Paul CAN WIN!

Around the country we got hoots, hollering, and honks as we had over 600 groups set an unofficial sign waving World Record! There is growing recognition Ron Paul is a serious contender. Any doubts people have about Ron Paul's ability to win should be evaporating!

Our Sign Bomb Video went from 0 to over 2,000 views in just over 24 hours!

Here is some local press we received:

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One week until the HUGE BlackThisOut Moneybomb. Have you pledged?

Ok everyone, the moneybomb is a week away. If you haven't heard about it, or haven't taken any action because it "was too far away", then now is the time!

Pledge to the grassroots:
Pledge to the campaign:
Attend the event on Facebook:

Pledge at those websites, and email all your friends and relatives and tell them to as well!

Attend the Facebook event and invite all your friends!

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BlackThisOut! protest-promotion at FOX/CNN/MSNBC HQ in NY, 15th-19th oct.

We Ron Paul supporters will be gathering at MSM FOX, CNN, MSNBC headquarters in New York for 5 consecutive days, from Saturday, 15th till Wednesday 19th october, to raise our voice against blatant media bias and ignorance towards Ron Paul and his Presidental Campaign and to promote 19th october BlackThisOut! moneybomb, the ultimate Ron Paul grassroots moneybomb, as our responese to that.

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Curiosity Kills the Cat

As Michael's post earlier said, we need to evolve.

Curiosity Kills the Cat -

Don't just Facebook, etc, to promote the Black This Out moneybomb.

Suck in the curious:

Everybody, Put a sign in your front yard near the road with nothing other than on it.

No "Ron Paul", No "Revolution" - Nothing other than

Let the curiosity do the rest.

Consider how many millions of people will drive by all of our signs combined if we all have them up across the country. Surely, out of millions, we'll gain a few donations.

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Paul Raises $8 Million From More Than 100,000 Donors, New York Times

Representative Ron Paul of Texas raised more than $8 million in the last three months, another demonstration of the willingness of his followers to dig into their pockets.

Mr. Paul’s campaign said he received money from more than 100,000 people, almost five times the number who have contributed $17 million to Gov. Rick Perry of Texas since his entrance into the race.

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911 Responder Moneybomb

I don't know if anyone else has floated this idea.
I got to thinking about the bum deal that the 911 first responders have been getting from the feds and thought that, aside from the obvious perfectly good thing to be helping these people out, it would be a nice media show if we do it in Dr. Paul's name.

Any thoughts?

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Black this out supporter video

Is there someone out there willing to make a Black This Out video featuring our photos like this?

Here is mine!

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Moneybomb Wounded Warriors Project for dual purpose

I think we have a great opportunity to effect a great change and gain a lot of momentum and respect. The famous Wounded Warriors Project seems to me to be a well managed, good charity. Active duty military contributes more to Ron Paul than all the other candidates combined. Regardless what you think of the wars, these are by in large good people deserving of our support, especially those who are wounded and are returning home. This could be a great way to give back to those who have given so much to the campaign.

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Black THIS Out! Money Bomb-Promotion Video!
Be sure to spread the word about the October 19th Money Bomb! Let's see the media "Black THIS Out!" Please share this video!

Pledge Site:
Facebook Event:

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Other fundraising ideas for Dr.Paul

I wanted to tell you all an idea that I thought of to raise money I might not otherwise have to support Dr.Paul.

I'm hoping you might team up together with someone like I have that's a supporter as well. Together you can accomplish good things if you work with each others talents and or resources.

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Chip in to get BlackThisOut advertised on radio

A chipin has been started to get radio advertising for the BlackThisOut moneybomb. We only need $500-$750 to reach millions. This will be very cost effective. A thread was started at RonPaulForums here:

and the chipin is here:

Please donate what you can. The ad will be a live read by the host of Free Talk Live. A show listened to by millions of liberty minded folks. This could go along way.

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The Big One: October 19th. Mark Your Calendar!

Ron Paul raised about $6 million dollars in a historic moneybomb fundraiser on November 5, 2007. This election season Ron Paul is doing much better. The date for this season's epic moneybomb fundraiser has been set to October 19th.

As of the time of this writing, over 2,800 people have already signed up to donate at:

Mark your calendar for October 19th, 2011 because it will be a day you never forget. It is widely expected to be Ron Paul's biggest moneybomb of the election season by a wide margin!

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Why We Need $3 Million for the Q3 Push Moneybomb

I remember in 2007, the end of Q3 fundraising goal was set at $500,000 for the last week of September. It was the first time Ron Paul used interactive graphics which showed in real-time how much had been raised. This was before the first moneybomb (I remember remember that day too). But it was an amazing first fundraising feat to raise $1 million in the last week.

This time around, Ron Paul has polling numbers at the tipping point and the media will soon not be able to ignore us!

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Nationwide Sign Bomb Oct 10

A grassroots campaign is trying to put together a sign bomb for Oct 10. You can view the website here,

Don't hesitate to participate. I signed up as a local coordinator for my county. (Scott MN- we still need participants!). If you do the same contact your local media, newspapers, etc. Get coverage.

For sign ideas, watch this video:

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Old school money bomb: Black THIS out! October 19th.

Old school Ron Paul money bomb: that is, raising money for the sake of getting attention in the media. Raising so much money in one day that the media can't ignore it. Get Paul's name all over the news.

OCTOBER 19th! Let's make this the biggest money bomb of all time.

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