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Video: Full Monitor Breakfast with Ron Paul 9/21/11 - $9.95

The sneering article from the Christian Science Monitor, followed by inspiring comments, and a preview, is posted on another thread here:

The full breakfast is available, with three more free previews at this site:

Looks like an excellent talk. I haven't been able to bring myself to give that smelly fishwrap ten bucks.

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VIDEO and Article by Concord Monitor - "Ron Paul Galore!"

Here is a good article written by the Concord Monitor containing a long interview with Dr. Paul!

"Ron Paul Galore!"

Watch on Concord Monitor's Website
Watch on Vimeo

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Concord Monitor: Ron Paul's Candor should set Standard


"Paul, who met with the Monitor editorial board yesterday, speaks with a candor unheard of in a presidential candidate. But unlike so many of his Republican rivals in the primary, he doesn't speak meanly and he doesn't personalize disagreements. Such qualities make him a delight to be around, but they won't make him president, nor - if elected - would Paul be able to govern. His fidelity to his many deeply held principles allow him to build coalitions with people who share his beliefs but forbid him from making the compromises that are necessary to achieve a majority."

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