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Is it immoral to get a job in the defense industry?

Hello everyone, this will be my first post on DP. I've been living in Japan for a few years now and am currently considering dusting off my BSME (mech. eng.) and looking for a tech job in Hawaii. Why Hawaii? Besides the stupendous weather, it's one of the few places I think my Japanese proficiency will come in handy. Looking around on the various recruiter sites, it seems that the main employer hiring in Hawaii for this kind of work is the military or companies that support the military like Lockheed Martin.

So here's where I'd appreciate some advice. As a Ron Paul supporter and libertarian-minded person, is it morally reasonable for me to try to find work in this industry? I mean, if I knew that everything they did was in fact for the defense of our country, there would be no problem. However, if I were to get a job, say, refurbishing torpedoes for the navy (this is a real job I came across) and these torpedoes were to be used overseas, wouldn't I just be supporting the military industrial complex? Am I overthinking this?

Thanks in advance for any advice on this.


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