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Do you have faith in the Fed? - cnbc poll

You know what to do!

Remember DO NOT CLICK THROUGH. Cut and paste the link into the URL bar.

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Updated Msnbc Poll.look At Ron Paul!

I was very happy to see a more accurate graph and was blown away by the updated votes!! Its so amazing to see our "small group of supporters" becoming a not so small group! On another note just pointed another customer in the Ron Paul 2012 direction.

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MSNBC still manipulating poll!

how is 15 more than half of 50?!?!?! vote and write a comment!

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Paul Wins Post Debate MSNBC Poll With 47%

Commentary flying after the MSNBC Presidential debate centered on the barbs between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. However, nearly 70,000 cast their votes on MSNBC’s website following the contest. Nearly half of those participating a thumbs up to Rep. Ron Paul. Romney and Perry took second and third respectively.

Paul polled 47%, Romney 19.4% and Perry 15.1%.

Responders noted that Paul had been given “almost no time to speech” yet provided the most substantive answers.

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