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Ron Paul Town Hall Meeting at Nashua Community College 10/3/2011 (Video)

Ron Paul speech and Q&A at a "We The People" town hall meeting at the Nashua Community College in Nashua, NH.

Sound and video quality are not the best and the last 2 questions where cut off. But a great speech and Q&A session overall. Ron Paul talks a lot about how we are transitioning from a republic to a tyranny.

(still looking for a complete version.. The one above is cut off at the end..)

Picture from event:

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Paul: Cut Foreign Aid, Bring Home Troops

Ron Paul hadn't even said a word last night before he received two standing ovations from the crowd at the We The People town hall at Nashua Community College.

During his roughly 20 minute remarks, the audience applauded, whooped, hollered and whistled for the Texas Republican congressman a total of 18 times. The only "boo" from the audience came after he referenced the federal PATRIOT Act.

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