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Why they Hate Us

Gadhafi aide: NATO airstrike hits residential area, kills 354 civilians

More war crimes!
Muammar Gadhafi's spokesman told Reuters on Saturday that NATO air strikes on Sirte overnight had hit a residential building and a hotel, killing 354 people.

Short but to the point!

Everyone of those people had family, fathers, sons, husbands, wives. No doubt everyone of those casualties has spawned at least hundred enemies.
Let's stop this madness.
Go Ron Paul!

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NATO Weary of Nation-Building, Occupation in Libya

NATO's leadership says any post-Gadhafi mission should be handled by the UN
by John Glaser, September 14, 2011
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After over a decade of NATO missions in Afghanistan and Kosovo, the top levels of America’s European military alliance are eager to end the Libyan war and to avoid nation-building responsibilities.

“We must end this Libyan business quickly,” one senior military officer told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity. “We just cannot afford this proliferation of missions which just drag on and on. One needs to finally end.”

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We're NATO troops now, not American soldiers

Have you been noticing story after story about how NATO troops have been injured, killed or attacked, just to find out they were really American soldiers? Terms like coalition troops, NATO troops is a political attempt to be deceptive at best, but, at worst it's a sign of our reduced sovereignty.

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BlowBack -Defined

KABUL, Afghanistan – NATO and Afghan forces killed a former Guantanamo detainee who had become a key Al Qaeda affiliate after returning to Afghanistan, officials said Saturday.
Sabar Lal Melma, who was released from Guantanamo in 2007 after five years of detention, had been organizing attacks in eastern Kunar province and funding insurgent operations

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Warning about WordPress

I'm sure many antiwar and libertarian websites are using WordPress. This is disheartening and sickening:

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Video on what Libya was like before NATO attack

I just saw this on facebook. What do you think?

I wonder if all of these statistics and statements on how their government operated under Quadafi are true?

This video seems to take a very utopian view of Libya and I don't buy that this socialism would have held up in the long term.

But the absence of a Rothschild owned Central bank and the fact that Quadafi wanted to go to the African Gold Dinar certainly seem to be the real reason we/NATO attacked Libya.

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Ron Paul on Libya: Yet another unconstitutional and costly adventure

LAKE JACKSON, Texas– Today, 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul issued a statement on the situation in Libya:

“The current situation in Libya may be a short term victory for Empire, but it is a loss for our American Republic. And, I fear it may be devastating to the Libyan people.
“There is no doubt that Moammar Gadhafi is a bad guy, and that he has brought harm and misery to his country. However, our involvement in another country’s civil war is costly and unconstitutional.

“We have spent over $1 billion on a war that this administration has fought not with the consent of Congress but under a NATO flag and authorization from the United Nations.

“It is a serious thing for a President to engage us in a war. He is bound by our Constitution to seek authority from the People, through our Congress, prior to engaging in any military action unless that action is to address an imminent threat to our safety and security. The situation in Libya is a civil war contained within that country’s sovereign borders, and it presented no imminent threat to the United States.

“And so, our government continues to spend trillions of dollars in overseas foreign wars while we face unsustainable debt, a looming dollar crisis, and our Constitution seems to lose any meaning. These actions will sink our country if we do not reverse course.

“Meanwhile, we must beware of any ‘Mission Accomplished’ euphoria. The conflict in Libya is far from over, and there could very well be war in Libya for a long time to come.

“While I hope and pray that the hostility draws to a close and the people there find peace, I fear this is only wishful thinking. We face a situation where a rebel element we have been assisting may very well be radical jihadists, bent on our destruction, and placed in positions of power in a new government.

“Worse still, Gadhafi’s successor is likely to be just as bad, or worse, than Gadhafi himself. Alternately, Libya may descend into anarchy like Somalia after the overthrow of dictator Siad Barre. Much like when we removed Saddam Hussein, another thug in Iraq, the likelihood of either a new brutal dictatorship or tribal violence and a protracted insurgency are much more likely than the peaceful transition to democracy we are all hoping for.

“With all these problems and the predictable chaos that will likely ensue, we must ask why this administration was so eager to embark on this Libyan operation in the name of ‘humanitarianism.’ Governments in Bahrain and Yemen have this year used military force to put down democratic protestors. The Saudi regime, which practices Sharia Law, has also been repressive, yet we have not intervened there. These countries continue to sell us oil, while Libya had begun to turn their exports toward Russia, China, India, and Brazil. Could this war largely be about protecting our oil interests at the expense of our Constitution?

“This episode is all too familiar. We were already involved in two wars that have dragged on years longer than the people who led us into them initially predicted. We can no longer afford to police the world, in terms of both dollars and American lives. We will destroy ourselves if we do not stop, build a strong national defense at home, and focus on trade and commerce with the world instead of Empire.”

Source: Ron Paul 2012

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WorldNetDaily Editor Joseph Farah Gets it Right on Libya often agrees with Ron Paul on economic matters, but they generally feel he is too weak on combating Islamic terrorism. However, editor Joseph Farah seems to see what the NATO attack on Libya was really about in this article:

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Libya was attempting to take Africa and the Middle East to the Gold Standard - Oil transactions in Dinar

The reason that NATO invaded (besides the huge amounts of sweet crude under their soil) was the attempt by Gaddafi to start a gold-standard currency called the Dinar.

This would have stabilized the intentionally destabilized Africa, and would have made Libyans wealthier per capita than residents in the US and UK (and most of the developed world).

This short video covers it:

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NATO sinks boat carrying Gadhafi troops

NATO warplanes sunk a tugboat carrying troops loyal to Moammar Gadhafi away from the strategic western city of Zawiya as rebels advanced closer to the Libyan capital, the alliance said Friday.

Meanwhile, the International Organization for Migration said an operation to rescue "large numbers" of Egyptians and other foreigners from Tripoli will begin in coming days.

humanitarian mission eh....

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