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A brand new backer asked me to post this for her.

Dear Mr. Paul,

I have only been listening and watching you for a while now.
I watch and listen to you every chance I get. I feel you are the most gifted American man in politics I have ever heard. I will definitely vote for you in the coming election and look forward to more debates and talks from you in the future.

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I made "Intro to Paul" website, for noobs and new supporters to learn Paul.

Check out the site here (almost finished) and let me know what you think:

I made this website SPECIFICALLY for persuading new supporters. I go to campus a lot and talk to people about Paul, then try to get their emails so I can send them vids of Paul. I decided I would make a website that was simple and straightforward, and also easy to maneuver through, so that I could just email these potential supporters the link to the website, and they could navigate it and learn depending on what they are interested in.

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