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FRC Family Research Council called me last night asking for money

I told them I would likely have contributed but Mr Perkins comments on the straw poll offended me as I am a Christian that supports Ron Paul. He said he hadn't been aware of any comments Mr Perkins made. I told him to go look online and please tell Mr Perkins I would not be contributing due to his offensive comments... He said he certainly would and the call would be recorded.

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Hank Jr Puts out free song bashing Fox and Obama USSA

I just came across this. Hank Jr is giving out free downloads for 48 hours of his new some "Keep the Change". I wonder who he is voting for... maybe RP?

There is an amazing bash of Fox and Friends in the song and it talks about the United Socialist States of America.

You can get it here.

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Get Ron Paul on Saturday Night Live!

Just happened across this Facebook page- 1,000 fans strong!

Granted, hosting is never going to happen, but I recall Obama getting some air time, as well as that great Weekend Update segment with Mike Huckabee when he wouldn't exit the race even though it was mathematically impossible for him to win the nomination...

Perhaps Ron could get a guest spot? SNL has to know that it would drive up ratings for the night immensely if it was promoted that RP was going to show up before the show was over.

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Let's get Ron Paul to Host Saturday Night Live!

I can picture some wicked funny skits already...


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