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New Nobel prize winning economists agree with Ron Paul?
These 2 economists make the point that humans are not mechanical and
think for themselves, and therefore will not respond "in a straight
line" to rigid government policies. People see the inflation induced by
government and the faux stimulatory effect quickly wears off. When
prices rise, consumers will not spend as much or demand higher wages,
which have unforseen economic problems for businesses

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Why doesn't Ron Paul have a Nobel Peace Price yet?

A man that has fought for so long to have a peaceful foreign policy. A man that has never shoved these peace ideals down people's throats, slang political mud, or hardy even raised his voice in force when defending himself from vicious media attacks/silence and blatant disregard for his kind delivery of the message of peace.

Yet a man who has an inordinate amount of unconstitutional bloodshed on his hands is a holder of this prestigious honor?

Why are we living in bizarro world?

This man needs recognition STAT!

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