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Nuclear Weapons: A Visual Timeline

Over 2,000 atomic bombs have been detonated worldwide since 1945. This is a brief timeline showing every blast on a world map up until 1998.

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Soviet nuclear weapons are being sold openly on the black market in Bulgaria.

Has anyone seen this?

"Shane Smith and Eddy Moretti shop for dirty bombs in the Bulgarian black market. After you see the relative ease with which they were able to meet a real, in the flesh, black market arms dealer, you’ll be stocking up on gas masks and radiation sickness pills. We know we are."

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Ron Paul: Current Policy Encourages Iran Nukes

This is a very logical article by Doug Wead

And yes, Ron Paul is Pro-Israel (freedom FROM the US):

"...Dr. Paul points out that Iran's neighbors, China, Pakistan, Russia, and Israel all have nuclear weapons. And that Israel is well able to take care of itself. Thirty years ago, June 7, 1981, in Operation Opera, Israel took out Iran's developing nuclear program. That was at time when American presidents were not dictating what Israel could or could not do.

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