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Help get "End the Fed" on the Occupy Goals List!

Hi all! I've been lurking for awhile, but since I didn't see this posted anywhere, I decided to finally make an account and join the community. This is an e-mail from Steven Vincent of RonPaulLosAngeles.com, about how we can influence the Occupy Wall Street movement TODAY to add "End the Fed" to their objectives:

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Occupy Denver March Upon the City 10-8-11

'The ideas of Liberty, Unity, Peace, and Accountability are all expressed by the People of Colorado as they march through Denver raising attention, inspiration and awareness to all who see that Change is in the Air. The Federal Reserve is surrounded and shaken by the voices of the People. At Occupy Denver words and deeds of strength, integrity and courage bring all the activist groups in Denver together into one harmonious voice for Change!

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Occupy Boise interview: "End the Fed, stop the wars."

Misquoting myself for brevity's sake. The people who were freely doing interviews with me as a youtuber (they are still uploading) were reluctant to speak to the MSM, so I wound up wearing a mic and getting my 2 cents worth in. I left my own camera running, and my memory card got full before I got to the part where I told what went on in the GOP State Central Committee. I doubt that footage will ever see the light of day, but I tried. And, at least this much is "out there" now.

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#OccupyDC Storms the Senate, chanting "End War Now!"


You ARE the 99% whether you like it or not. You can find like-minded people, you can find people who don't agree with you on anything. You are still part of the whole.

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Nashville Occupy participants trying to push Fed issue out. need help/advice

Hey guys, here's a link to a conversation I engaged in with some of the leadership of the Nashville occupy. Could some polite authors help a guy out and help influence this group to see our cause is aligned with theirs. Any help would do. They have taken down my "audit the federal reserve" signs the other day as well. Thanks guys.


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Occupy Wall Street TRUTH! (message to young protestors)

This one is a must, 5 stars.

Lets make it go viral.


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Locally, OWS = HCEC

I say this based on my experience attending the local OWS chapter here that, despite their best intentions, they're unwittingly becoming the "Herman Cain Election Committee" (HCEC) since all they do is prop up and reinforce the status quo b.s.

There are some in there interested about the Fed, but the majority seem hung up on things that have nothing to do with unemployment and student loans which is what drew my interest to attend.

I think I'm going to organize with all the other RPers in my area and launch an "Occupy The Fed" (OTF) chapter and post up nearby OWS.

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Old school view of occupy with a R.P. spin

Put together what I viewed last week about occupy with a Ron Paul spin and some humor (I hope). http://www.youtube.com/user/Txtruthseeker?feature=mhee

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Beware the call of Direct Democracy

Dear Daily Paul readers and posters please beware the increasing call for Direct Democracy, it is a trap. Instead we need to return to the original idea of the United States government, A Constitutional Republic. The founding fathers created “a republic, if you can keep it,” as Ben Franklin said, when asked in Philadelphia what kind of government they had given us.

The founding fathers understood that democracy was a trap,

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Breaking: Occupy Boston Stand-off, Tea Party Members Have Joined. Please call Mayor, BPD



Boston Police
. 617-343-4200

REPORT: "The police look very reluctant, look like they really don't want to do this....police relations with Occupy Boston have been excellent ...Message to Mayor CALL OFF POLICE"...ALSO REPORTED...TEA PARTY MEMBERS HAVE JOINED...my friend is talking to Libertarians who are standing in solidarity..."we don't like corporations moving off-shore to avoid taxes


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Occupy Nashville interview: Cartel of big biz & Fed

Occupy Nashville activist mentions Federal Reserve in local news report. The knowledge and influence is growing!


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VIDEO: End the Fed Rant Guy Strikes Back!

Remember the awesome video from a week ago of the young guy passionately talking about about ending the Fed at OWS?

Well, he's back and talking about Austrian economics, RP, Mises, Murray Rothbard and liberty in this new interview video:


UPDATE: He has a website: http://whataboutliberty.com/ (thanks to IKON for finding this).

UPDATE 2: A video of him and a crowd marching outside the NYC FED building: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjM3eHc0Nak

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Occupy Wall Street is COINTELPRO (Phony Opposition)



OCCUPY WALL STREET and the OCCUPY TOGETHER MOVEMENT is the work of SERBIAN contract revolution organizers the CENTER FOR APPLIED NONVIOLENT ACTION AND STRATEGIES [C.A.N.V.A.S] in Belgrade and it's field operative organizer company, "OPTOR!"

So don't you believe it when ABC says "Everybody and nobody are in charge...." or the Guardian hints, "rumors persist the group "Anonymous" is behind the Occupy Together Movement".

More at:

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