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Freedom to Fascism Now Playing on Wall Street

What if every evening Freedom to Fascism was playing in a loop on some outdoor screen on Wall Street? Yea there might be some from Occupy not in our camp, but it sure would be nice to convey the message to as many people as possible. These people are pi$$ed and turning their rage into activism. Those activists who grasp the liberty message would be a great pickup for our team. I'm in Indiana and just throwing this idea out there for someone in the NYC area.

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Occupy Wall Street and the next debate

There is a slight possibility that Occupy Wallstreet can be mentioned at the next debate, if so I think this can be a perfect opportunity for Dr. Paul.

Ron can mention that the people want the special interests out of politics- and the perfect point can be made that Ron Pauls campaign funds are from individual donors and differs from Perry and Romney who are already bought by the corporations.

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Occupy the Federal Reserve Movement Launched

Radio host, filmmaker, and the host of Infowars Nightly News Alex Jones is calling for an Occupy Federal Reserve protest this Friday. Alex will personally be at protesting in Dallas as supporters for liberty and sound currency will be at all 12 branches of the Federal Reserve and its headquarters in Washington DC (even though the NY Fed is basically ground zero).

Read more: http://www.infowars.com/occupy-the-federal-reserve-movement-...

Protests must be peaceful and law abiding. Take video cameras to record everything including the presence and actions of the police. Upload the videos to youtube and spread them to your family and friends. If we can get media attention to this like the Wall Street protests then it will be a great leap against the Federal Reserve

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The Greatest Opportunity We May Have To Bring People to Ron Paul

Today I went into Boston for my guitar lesson after my classes, and not very far from it was the #OCCUPYBOSTON protests. I decided that as a politically active college student it would be worth my time to check it out. I had seen mixed views about the movement here, and whether or not it would be open to Ron Paul, and let me tell you this: Anyone here who doesn't think these people will stand with us, or that we shouldn't stand with them is wrong.

I wore a "Ron Paul is my Homeboy" shirt, and I got many compliments on it, thumbs up and the like. In fact I saw more Ron Paul supporters today than I have in my entire life, and everyone there, be they left right, libertarian or socialist all were uniting against the evils of the Federal Reserve and corporatism.

They are still developing what their goals are, and it seems really unclear at this point, but I can tell you it is safe to say that from my experiences these people have a lot in common with us, and are fighting the same fight. I feel we should unite with these people, and help them, because they're fighting the very same fight we're all fighting here.

On a side note if further motivation to help the cause of liberty is not enough - I met another college student - an avid Ron Paul supporter who also was about asking people questions and conversing with them who was arguably one of the prettiest girls I've seen.

I welcome any questions.


I gave the dailypaul a few shout outs in a few interviews people had with me. Hopefully some more people find out about Ron Paul, and the liberty movement because of this.

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‘Occupy Wall Street’ Tax Proposal Is Backed By Wall Street Itself

The “Buffett tax rule” being promoted by Occupy Wall Street protesters is exactly what the Wall Street-owned Obama administration wants

Written by Paul Joseph Watson

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Reddit: An Open Letter From a Former Tea Party Adherent to the Occupy Wall Street Movement

I think this is a great piece that points out some of the things that happened to the Tea Party movement, and also points out the commonalities between the recent Occupy Wall Street protests and our own Liberty movement. Really, we should no longer buy into the left vs right, democrat vs republican paradigm, as I believe that is deliberately pushed by the establishment to dilute and break up the popular uprising. We all have differences, that's what makes this country so unique, but we also have a common enemy, corporatism, and those who seek to destroy our constitution and our rights.

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We should occupy voting booths

I think we should be very careful about 'occupy anything'. As these 'protests' grow they are bound to get ugly, somewhere sometime. I have been seeing video clips of Ron Paul signs on TV when they talk about these protests.

I am growing increasingly concerned that some a$$hole is going to throw a rock or a bottle at a cop, and sooner or later one of the cops will over react in some way. You KNOW this is going to happen sooner or later as this 'movement' grows. That one event will be a trigger and then all hell could break loose.

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Can we influence Occupy Wall Street to endorse Ron Paul?

Can we influence Occupy Wall Street to endorse Ron Paul?

There is much common ground between Ron Paul's message and the passion behind the protesters. However they are calling out "Corporate Greed" without realizing the "standard" solution to this is more government power! We all know that Ron Paul's solution of smaller government is the antidote to the kind of "Corporate Greed" they are angry about.

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Occupy Wall Street Official Demands

The Sovereign People's Movement has started a groupsource project to define the demands of the Occupy movements.

I believe this is an excellent opportunity for us to help shape debate and keep this movement something truly revolutionary.

The document contains a number of provisions. Each of them with a vote.

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Ron Paul supporters show up to Occupy L.A.

The demonstrators had a diverse set of issues. Some signs were rather straightforward: "Jobs Not Cuts." Others denounced the Wall Street bailout, the Citizens United campaign finance ruling.

Still others urged a boycott of Georgia for the execution of Troy Davis. And as often in such crowds, there were a handful of Ron Paul supporters. Several held up "End The Fed" signs.


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Occupy Boston Protest Ends at Fed

The first Occupy Boston march was last night. It ended at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Here's some protest footage:





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