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Video of End The Red Rally at Federal Reserve Bank Boston

Here is some video from the Occupy Fed Rally at Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.


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Occupy Federal Reserve Boston Announces Solidarity With Occupy Boston

The National End the Fed contingent in Boston met at the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston yesterday. This site happens to be at the same site as Occupy Boston.

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The Truth About The 99%: An Interview With Occupy Boston

I just guest hosted for the Ken Pittman Show on AM 1420 WBSM in Massachusetts today. During the show I lined up one of the organizers of Occupy Boston to discuss what they are protesting, who they are seeing coming to these protests and if they are in it for the long haul.

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Ron Paul Should Talk About Corporate Persons

If there is one issue that all of the Occupy Movement seems to agree on, it is on the issue of ending corporate persons. Ron Paul should appeal to the Occupy Movement by supporting a constitutional amendment that would abolish corporate persons by stating that "A Person is a Human, and only a Human". This would draw great support.

Friday is End the Fed. Occupy Boston is right next to the Federal Reserve Building, which is like the Tower of Sauron. Everyone talks about the Fed, and when they do, they point up at the building. It is completely visceral.

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The Greatest Opportunity We May Have To Bring People to Ron Paul

Today I went into Boston for my guitar lesson after my classes, and not very far from it was the #OCCUPYBOSTON protests. I decided that as a politically active college student it would be worth my time to check it out. I had seen mixed views about the movement here, and whether or not it would be open to Ron Paul, and let me tell you this: Anyone here who doesn't think these people will stand with us, or that we shouldn't stand with them is wrong.

I wore a "Ron Paul is my Homeboy" shirt, and I got many compliments on it, thumbs up and the like. In fact I saw more Ron Paul supporters today than I have in my entire life, and everyone there, be they left right, libertarian or socialist all were uniting against the evils of the Federal Reserve and corporatism.

They are still developing what their goals are, and it seems really unclear at this point, but I can tell you it is safe to say that from my experiences these people have a lot in common with us, and are fighting the same fight. I feel we should unite with these people, and help them, because they're fighting the very same fight we're all fighting here.

On a side note if further motivation to help the cause of liberty is not enough - I met another college student - an avid Ron Paul supporter who also was about asking people questions and conversing with them who was arguably one of the prettiest girls I've seen.

I welcome any questions.


I gave the dailypaul a few shout outs in a few interviews people had with me. Hopefully some more people find out about Ron Paul, and the liberty movement because of this.

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