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Help get "End the Fed" on the Occupy Goals List!

Hi all! I've been lurking for awhile, but since I didn't see this posted anywhere, I decided to finally make an account and join the community. This is an e-mail from Steven Vincent of RonPaulLosAngeles.com, about how we can influence the Occupy Wall Street movement TODAY to add "End the Fed" to their objectives:

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Flyer from Occupy LA would be a good slim jim for RP

Not exactly as is, but the key points ought to ring a bell around here:


I really hope Ron Paul will attend an event. He need not endorse, just appear before the people, ready to listen.

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Ron Paul supporters show up to Occupy L.A.

The demonstrators had a diverse set of issues. Some signs were rather straightforward: "Jobs Not Cuts." Others denounced the Wall Street bailout, the Citizens United campaign finance ruling.

Still others urged a boycott of Georgia for the execution of Troy Davis. And as often in such crowds, there were a handful of Ron Paul supporters. Several held up "End The Fed" signs.


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