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Occupy Minnesota

Just thought I'd post this for anyone following the Occupy events.

The Minneapolis rally/protest is beginning to take shape. Jesse Ventura arrived a short time ago.


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$400 Prize: Strike The Root Video Contest

We have some of the best grassroots videographers around, and our understand the issues. Here's a chance to make a big difference in the OccupyTogether movement and earn some cash! http://www.copblock.org/occupy-wall-street-strike-the-root/

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My thoughts on the Occupy Together movement

I just read a little bit about the Occupy Together movement and it seems to be what I thought it was. Tax the rich, give to the poor (a very left idea that makes no sense). There is no such thing as a tax on the rich. Any tax increase to business is simply passed on to the consumer. So when government raises taxes on corporations they simply raise prices, kill job growth, move overseas, and reduce sales. Everyone ends up in a worse position than they started.

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