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Peak Oil: What a Farce!

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. By now, Peak Oil was supposed to be a fact of daily life. People were supposed to be lined up at gas stations, struggling to buy US$10-a-gallon gas. Solar and wind companies were supposed to occupy prominent places on the Big Board instead of going out of business right and left. People were supposed to have diminished expectations – resigned to shivering in the dark.



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Wall Street oil games

Bill Clinton, Larry summers, Rubin and friends managed to remove the Glass Steagall Act which had protected us from more depressions.

This is what big money Banks can do because there are no regulations in place to stop it.


Here is more information about the Glass Steagall Act.
Sometimes regulations are needed!
But Remember it was Bill Clinton and friends who pushed for the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act.


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Bombshell: Saudi Arabia threatens to cut ties with US over Palestine UN Veto

I found this an astonishing piece of information and I wonder if this is reported or discussed in mainstream media outlets at all. This may just be an opinion article, but I think, coming from a member of the Saudi Royal Family, it also contains a significant warning to the US: if the US will use its veto agianst the Palestinians, it might lose its single most important ally in the Arab world, which also happens to be a major oil supplier to the US.

Veto a State, Lose an Ally


I'm sure this whole Palestine issue is giving the Obama administration a major headache already.

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Why the Establishment MUST be pro-war

I know I am going to ruffle some feathers here, and I am sorry if this post upsets you. I thought I would share my thoughts on why the wars are necessary economically even if we accept their is no strategic or material benefit.

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WorldNetDaily Editor Joseph Farah Gets it Right on Libya

WorldNetDaily.com often agrees with Ron Paul on economic matters, but they generally feel he is too weak on combating Islamic terrorism. However, editor Joseph Farah seems to see what the NATO attack on Libya was really about in this article:


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NY Times: Scramble to Secure Libya's Oil Wealth Begins

The fighting is not yet over in Tripoli, but the scramble to secure access to Libya’s oil wealth has already begun.

Before the rebellion broke out in February, Libya exported 1.3 million barrels of oil a day. While that is less than 2 percent of world supplies, only a few other countries can supply equivalent grades of the sweet crude oil that many refineries around the world depend on. The resumption of Libyan production would help drive down oil prices in Europe, and indirectly, gasoline prices on the East Coast of the United States.

Western nations — especially the NATO countries that provided crucial air support to the rebels — want to make sure their companies are in prime position to pump the Libyan crude.


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When targetting Iran, is the real target China?

Here's something to think about. When you consider that Iran's crude oil exports to China dramatically increased in the first two months of 2011(see http://www.payvand.com/news/11/apr/1057.html) and remember that the US dollar no longer plays a role in that trade, you see how important it is to understand Chinese-Iranian relations and how they pertain to the world's fiat currency system, the US elections, and the propaganda campaign about Iran's nukes (see http://www.campaigniran.org/casmii/index.php?q=node/9434).

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Gaddafi gold-for-oil, dollar doom plans behind Libya

From Russia Today, story suggesting NATO went into Libya to stop plans to trade oil for gold only. Is there truth to this?


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Ron Paul and Iran

The past few days after the debate I have read a few online forums, reactions and also listened to radio conversations: it is clear to me that Chris Wallace just like in the first SC debate (with regard to heroin) has very intentionally sought out an issue which he could isolate, take out of context to try to hit Paul. Politics is dirty and Dr. Paul is absolute clean and honest. It was just as the Giuliani-debate, which had a double-ended sword/effect to it: attracted Independents to Paul, also also lead to some "conservatives" trashing Paul, either via misunderstanding (e.g.

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