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NC Rep. Likes Ron Paul

Representative Mike Hager:(said this to me on FB) Ms. Truempy, I think Ron Paul is an excellent candidate.He believes in the Constitution and who can argue with that.

Now we just need to get Hager to flat out say it in the press..But..Hager I must say, seems to ignore Rutherford County NC. He deals with what he calls larger counties in his district. But the weird thing is..we are the 3rd, maybe 4th largest county in the state...We're just rural, and neglected

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Iran War Drums Beating

The war drums are beating and beating hard against Iran right now. This rather silly plot, supposedly a version of state sponsored terrorism of Iran, makes little sense.

It seems this guy may have been making up a lot of this plot in order to make money. But make no mistake, this is classic war propaganda. They're hanging the leadership of Iran as guilty, without any facts or conviction. They want to HANG IRAN BEFORE we have proof.

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The Origins of OWS "Occupy Wall Street: A Globalist Op?"

I found this article to be interesting and informative. I Thought it might be of some interest to others here at the DP.

"Occupy Wall Street: A Globalist Op?" by Kurt Nimmo

"The Occupy Wall Street movement, funded by globalist foundations – and increasingly receiving sympathetic coverage by the corporate media, at least its “liberal” wing – is now describing itself [12] as a gathering of “descamisados” (impoverished, landless) arrayed against the “estancieros” (land owners), a class warfare reference made popular in Argentina.

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Coalitions: Recipes for Success

A Ron Paul Presidency can convince liberals and conservatives to finally come together on some very important issues and agree to leave their remaining differences on domestic policy waiting in the wings if they can agree on the following goals.

1. No more bailouts.
2. End the war on drugs. return the regulation of drugs to the states and tax drugs
3. Begin immediate drawdown of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
4. End all current military actions not in Iraq and Afghanistan that started after September 11, 2001.

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Hip Hop artist Sole, " I think I'm Ben Bernanke

I thought that this video was worth sharing.


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Mitt Romney's Economic Adviser: Gregory Mankiw is a Keynesian

Last night's debate Romney was asked who gives him his economic advice. And guess what - he said: Gregory Mankiw. Now check Gegory Mankiw on Wikipedia:


'New Keynesian Economics' He is an author of such classics as:

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US Ties Iranian Operatives to a Plot to Kill Saudi Ambassador

So the propaganda machine has already started to spin this one:

"The Obama administration...accused agents of the Iranian government of being involved in a plan to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States."


The administration further vowed to "unite the world" against Tehran through new international sanctions, and VP Joe Biden said that U.S. action could go beyond sanctions, adding that "we're not going there yet".


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Check out my Ron Paul interview on the BBC


I don't remember saying the last part, but all in all, Ron Paul is getting more associated with the occupy movement.

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9 9 9 "take a close look"

I don't know if any of you have done this.

I paid after deductions last year $4,200 dollars income tax. Now if we were on the 9 9 9 plan I would have paid $7,200. That's $3000 more!

OK now for the sales tax. I live in Tennessee....we have a 9.5 sales tax. If we add the national sales tax to it that makes it 18.5%. Now I keep a record every year of my total spend. Over the last 12 months I have paid $3420 in sales tax. Now if the national sales tax had been in place too that's another 9% or $3240 in sales tax I would be paying.

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Overlooked Straw Poll in Louisiana

I never hear it mentioned about Ron Paul winning the straw poll in Louisiana.

It may not have be as big a deal as Iowa was, but it was a good win!

Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana 17 Jun 2011. Ron Paul won with 46%.

Paul: 612
Huntsman: 382
Bachmann: 191
Cain: 104
Romney: 74
Gingrich: 69
Palin: 41
Santorum: 30
Pawlenty: 18

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Why Did Herman Cain Lie?

More lies from the Herman Cain

At 8:18 in this video, Mr. Cain says:

"I was a high school student. The college students were doing the sit ins, the college students were doing the freedom rides. If I had been a college student I probably would have been participating, but if you are a High School student in the tenth or eleventh grade, you're under eighteen years of age, you didn't need to get arrested and be in the middle of that."

That seemed reasonable to me.

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9+9+9=9 and 6+6+6=9

Well... I aint posted in a minute... But there has been toooo much going on that I need to make an observation....

for those that are new... Here is my background...

May not seem like much... But that is the FIRST time any Presidential Candidate has been in the MMA... And the LAST... It won't be done again...

I also made this video about 666=9... 666=18= 1+8= 9

Now this CREEP Cain... of Cain and Abel... starts spoutin 999...

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What Have They Done With Ron Paul?


Pretty nice article from someone who doesn't seem to be a part of the Ron Paul Revolution.

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