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Power generating question?

I live in Oregon and I need to know, can anyone tell me what is required to sell surplus power back to the utility in this state?

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results from Oregon state fair booth poll (9/5/11)

A bit old now, but not *too* old...

I redid the order to rank them from most to least popular. Also, the fair ended on the 5th, so I don't expect any further votes. ;-)

(Sorry if this has already been posted.)


The Oregon Republican Party State Fair Booth
GOP Presidential Straw Poll Results.....so far!

Below are the final results as of 09/05/11.

Candidate Votes %
Rick Perry 950 41%
Mitt Romney 353 15%
Sarah Palin 260 11%
Ron Paul 220 10%
Michelle Bachmann 217 9%
Herman Cain 144 6%

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Help support Ron Paul endorsed candidate Art Robinson in 2012 for Congress (mini MoneyBomb)

Let's help Art Robinson's 2012 campaign for Congress get off to a great start by donating a few bucks to his campaign: http://www.artforcongress.com/donate/

For those of you who are not familiar with Art Robinson, he is among the few political candidates who have earned an endorsement from Ron Paul. Dr. Paul endorsed Mr. Robinson during his 2010 campaign for Congress, which he very nearly won.

With our support, maybe we can help Art Robinson win his 2012 election.

If Mr. Robinson is good enough for Dr. Paul to endorse, then he's good enough for me to support.

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