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Email Megyn Kelly of Fox News to persuade O'Reilly

that the assassination of Awlaki was illegal and unconstitutional. She will be on O'Reilly's show tomorrow, the 6th, and they will discuss the issue.

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Has Anybody Seen This?

Bill O'Reilly blatantly takes both Ron Paul and Cain out of his own poll! Not sure if this is a repost and of course, we shouldn't be surprised.


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O'Reilly's Awlaki poll

As everyone on the DP is probably aware, Dr. Paul has been getting hit HARD over his dedicated libertarian stance on the constitutionality of killing a citizen without a trial, even if he is a "terrorist." Bill O'Reilly has been leading the charge against legitimizing Dr. Paul's campaign, actively denouncing any attempts at reasonable and logical debate surrounding the candidacy. On his site, he posted a poll that reads as follows:

"Congressman Ron Paul criticized the Obama administration for "assassinating" U.S.-born Anwar al-Awlaki with a drone attack. Where do you stand?"

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Bill O'Reilly's presidential poll

Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you all know that Bill O'Reilly has a poll up right now asking who you favor for president! Go to billoreilly.com and click on Ron Paul!



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Losing to Cain! Poll: Post Debate "Who Won" O'Reilly 9/27

Yep, another poll. I don't know if click-through is being monitored, if your browser transmits it, so if in doubt, don't click the link. Just copy and paste it, or go straight to FoxNews.com and find the poll.

http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/oreilly/index.html -- Look to the right, about one page down.

At the time of this post, Cain's in first and Paul's in close second.

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Bill O'reilly online poll . Go vote now!


go vote for Ron Paul on this online poll now!

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O'Reilly just mentioned Congressman Ron Paul up next and

showed a picture of Ron Paul and Barry Mannilow(sp)

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Jan Mickelson Defends Ron Paul and schools O'Reilly on the gold standard

This is the greatest. he might as well endorsed ROn Paul right there...



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Jesse Waters and Ron Paul Followup

Following the Waters/Paul dialogue, Bill O'REilly, claiming to be a Harvard Educated Scholar and having fully read the Constitution, solemnly pronounced there is nothing in the Constitution regarding Gold and Silver Coin. Does Harvard publish their own edited Constitutions? Mine says that only Congress has the power to "coin" money, and no State can Coin money, nor emit bills of credit, nor make any thing but gold and silver coin a tender. How do you fight Harvard Educated brainwash?

-- Rouser

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O'Reiley just commented on Ron Paul

he was talking about FEMA
and stated:
Ron Paul does have a legitimate argument

OMG I almost fell off the chair

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Can people vet this about Rick Perry with links

I said I wasn't going to e-mail you about Perry but changed my mind. I can't stand by and say nothing like I did with Bush.

I began keeping track of Perry when he began his second term as Governor because I didn't like what I saw. So here goes. Please forward this to all your friends. YOU DO NOT WANT PERRY. You think Bush was bad. He doesn't hold a candle to Perry. If Perry becomes President he will be your worst nightmare. I don't care for Obama one bit but I like Perry a lot less.

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Bill O'Reilly Slams Ron Paul; Cenk Responds

I don't agree with Cenk all the time, but he is very honest in his opinions. This is one video that I happen to agree with him 100% and I'm sure you will all too. Take a watch, it's interesting.


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Fire in the Hole!: O’Reilly says Ron Paul won’t come on his show

I wouldn't be shocked if there was a reason or two why the Doctor hasn't yet accepted, but I'm interested to know. Anyone know any facts around this?

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Dick Morris says Ron Paul can't handle tough questions

On the O'Reilly factor Bill O'Reilly says Paul is whining. Later Dick Morris sucks up to O'Reilly saying Paul is avoiding O'Reilly because he can't handle being probed with difficult questions. http://www.rawstory.com/r... This is funny considering the numerous times Paul has been on the O'Reilly Factor and Morris' own limited ability of having his outrageous positions challenged.

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