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The Origins of OWS "Occupy Wall Street: A Globalist Op?"

I found this article to be interesting and informative. I Thought it might be of some interest to others here at the DP.

"Occupy Wall Street: A Globalist Op?" by Kurt Nimmo

"The Occupy Wall Street movement, funded by globalist foundations – and increasingly receiving sympathetic coverage by the corporate media, at least its “liberal” wing – is now describing itself [12] as a gathering of “descamisados” (impoverished, landless) arrayed against the “estancieros” (land owners), a class warfare reference made popular in Argentina.

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"The Beginning is Near"

What is the Occupation the Beginning of?

by John Spritzer

Somebody in the Boston Occupation made a great sign: "The beginning is near!" Yes, the Occupation is a terrific beginning. But the beginning of what?

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Occupy Wall Street: Day One "END THE FED"

Moving, real and proof that the fight to awaken humanity is nearing fruition.


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OWS = Anti-American

These anti-American fucks are dangerous. We need to completely distance ourselves from these people. This is where I'm torn because I do agree with using this opportunity to educate, but can we really afford to be linked with this type of activity??



Some of you may be missing my point and that is probably no ones fault but my own.

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Another Ron Paul Smear in the media


Myth: The protesters are pushing for anarchy, support violence and communism.

Myth-makers: Ann Coulter, The Washington Times, bloggers, New Hampshire Tea Party, Ron Paul.

Ron Paul did not say this. This is an obvious media attempt to turn people who may support Occupy Wall Street off from Ron Paul. We should comment and clarify.

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Locally, OWS = HCEC

I say this based on my experience attending the local OWS chapter here that, despite their best intentions, they're unwittingly becoming the "Herman Cain Election Committee" (HCEC) since all they do is prop up and reinforce the status quo b.s.

There are some in there interested about the Fed, but the majority seem hung up on things that have nothing to do with unemployment and student loans which is what drew my interest to attend.

I think I'm going to organize with all the other RPers in my area and launch an "Occupy The Fed" (OTF) chapter and post up nearby OWS.

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Beware the call of Direct Democracy

Dear Daily Paul readers and posters please beware the increasing call for Direct Democracy, it is a trap. Instead we need to return to the original idea of the United States government, A Constitutional Republic. The founding fathers created “a republic, if you can keep it,” as Ben Franklin said, when asked in Philadelphia what kind of government they had given us.

The founding fathers understood that democracy was a trap,

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VIDEO: End the Fed Rant Guy Strikes Back!

Remember the awesome video from a week ago of the young guy passionately talking about about ending the Fed at OWS?

Well, he's back and talking about Austrian economics, RP, Mises, Murray Rothbard and liberty in this new interview video:


UPDATE: He has a website: http://whataboutliberty.com/ (thanks to IKON for finding this).

UPDATE 2: A video of him and a crowd marching outside the NYC FED building: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjM3eHc0Nak

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OWS occupation

To all Ron Paul Supporters. I encourage you to attend any OWS events in your area. I recently attended one of these meetings in preparation for our own occupation and through conversation identified several Ron Paul and End the Fed supporters. This is a great way to educate people about the Federal Reserve and about Dr. Paul. Most of the grievances they expressed are directly attributable to the Feds actions and several demonstrators and organizers were receptive of the information about the Fed and the special interest. The tea party was a great movement, but it has been hijacked by the GOP.

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Jubilee NOW! #OWS - You Need A Demand? I Gotcha Covered


I wish I were better at articulating this, but here is what I could do.

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Show THIS to the Liberals at OWS

If there was a way I could get all the participants at OWS to watch this video, I would. If you can get people's emails at OWS, please consider sending this video to them. Tom Woods tailors this video directly to the concerns and objections of progressives, and knocks it out of the park in spectacular (and rational) fashion:


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Attn: New Yorkers!! Get yer asses down to Wall St NOW and bring registration forms!

There are thousands of people down there who don't realize they are Ron Paul supporters yet, and are either unregistered or registered Dem/Green/Ind. We need to organize a SERIOUS drive to get these folks to register Republican for NY closed primaries: THEIR DEADLINE IS THIS FRIDAY!

PLEASE don't let this phenomenal opportunity go to waste! C'mon! It'll be like shooting fish in a barrel!!

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Occupy Wall Street infiltrated by political groups?

(RT) – Occupy Wall Street has invaded Lower Manhattan with tens of thousands of demonstrators. The demonstration has been peaceful and yesterday several influential Unions have made the demonstration "A Forced to be Reckoned With". Many critics believe the Unions being involved could cause the movement to be used as a political tool. Andrew Gavin Marshall, project manager for ThePeoplesBookProject.com, shares his concerns.


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