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Urgent from Stewart Rhodes: Give Me Your Top Ten Unconstitutional Bush Actions

I am about to write a blistering rebuttal to a neocon, Bush kool-aid drinking diatribe that acts as though the Bush years never happened, and only under Obama was the Constitution subverted. As usual, these neocons totally ignore the incredibly destructive, unconstitutional, treasonous actions of the Bush Admin and only complain about what has happened in the past three years, as if they were in a coma till January, 2009. I cannot at this time disclose the document I am rebutting, but I will post it, along with my rebuttal, after I am done.

Please help me by adding your top ten list (or top 20!) of Bush Admin crimes against the Constitution.

I think I already have a pretty decent list, but let me know if I am missing anything.

My top ten list of Bush Admin crimes against Constitution:

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Can We Impeach President Obama?

Unfortunately, under the Patriot Act we can't impeach President Obama for his assasination of Anwar al-Awlaki. We should have pushed to impeach President Obama when he went to war with Libya without getting Congresses approval and making a declaration. This went against the Constitution that he swore to defend when he was innagurated as President.

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Ron Paul Supporters. Domestic Terrorists!?

On February 20th, 2009, the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) released a strategic report to local law enforcement, and various Department of Homeland Security agencies entitled “The Modern Militia Movement.” In this report, we find out that many different American associations and supporters are now being categorized as potential domestic terrorists.

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9/11: The day we lost our privacy and power

9/11: The day we lost our privacy and power
Every day, we have to prove we have 'nothing to hide'
By: Duncan Campbell

Investigative reporter Duncan Campbell reflects how 9/11 has torpedoed resistance to intrusion and undermined privacy rights born of earlier struggles. It may, irreversibility, have changed the way we think.

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We Don't Want to LIVE Under a World Government (Ron Paul New World 2012)

We Don't Want to Live Under a World Government; Of the Corporations, By the Corporations, & For the Corporations!

Lets Make a Stand!
Please LIKE & SHARE this video with all of your Ron Paul friends and family. The message of Personal Responsibility and Freedom needs to be spread to every corner of our country!

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Recent poll shows we are in an uphill battle

Saw an interview on Fox News this morning with a former CIA covert ops officer talking about how the US has stayed safe since 9/11. He made two interesting observations: One of the best decisions right after 9/11 was to go in to Afghanistan and go after Al Qaeda right away, and one of the worst decisions was to be nation building in Afghanistan instead of pulling out.

However, the part of the interview that blew me away was when they showed a recent AP poll that said that 64% of those polled believe it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice our rights and freedoms to fight terrorism.

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Video: SCButterfly and Congressman Trey Gowdy Tussle over Bruce Fein, the Patriot Act and the 4th Amendment

I kind of got skewered by Congressman Gowdy with a "how long have you been beating your wife" type question and was unable to follow-up with definition as to my answer.

I am experiencing personal dealings with a broad illegal search and the bending of the 4th amendment (which awaits "formal opinion" in the South Carolina State Attorney General's office) which I was unallowed to expound on in the context of this conversation. I've been assured that I will have a second opportunity to redress this issue with Congressman Gowdy in the near future.

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