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My Ron Paul 6-month Challenge (for waking people up)!

One person can do a WHOLE LOT for the cause of liberty. It may seem overwhelming at times, or even daunting, to try and convince enough people to help get Paul elected. But in reality, you only need to be concerned with what YOU can do. And let me tell you, ONE PERSON can plant THOUSANDS of seeds in people's minds, which may seem subtle and insignificant at first, but have the massive potential to sprout into complete support for Paul and the liberty movement.

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I made "Intro to Paul" website, for noobs and new supporters to learn Paul.

Check out the site here (almost finished) and let me know what you think:

I made this website SPECIFICALLY for persuading new supporters. I go to campus a lot and talk to people about Paul, then try to get their emails so I can send them vids of Paul. I decided I would make a website that was simple and straightforward, and also easy to maneuver through, so that I could just email these potential supporters the link to the website, and they could navigate it and learn depending on what they are interested in.

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