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Peter Schiff’s Outlook for Gold & More QE

Speaking with Eric King of King World News yesterday, Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff suggested that central bankers and policymakers remain resolute in keeping the financial system from collapsing by printing more money. Contrary to the growing chorus of lemmings paraded on CNBC who chant the Fed is “out of bullets,” Schiff insists that the group-think conclusion drawn among analysts is utter nonsense.

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Peter Schiff On the Recent Gold Pullback

The past couple weeks have seen a strong pullback in both commodity prices and stocks. Gold fell sharply off its peak after soaring just past $1,900. Volatility in commodity, currency and equity markets has been very high recently, and these short-term price movements have Wall Street pundits in an uproar.

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CNBC Video - Peter Schiff : "Fed Will Turn to Q3 in Failed Bid to Prevent Economic Depression"

CNBC Video - Peter Schiff : "Fed Will Turn to Q3 in Failed Bid to Prevent Economic Depression"

Bernanke set to crank up printing presses once again
Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, September 22, 2011
Although mainstream financial analysts are all but certain that Ben Bernanke will now refrain from launching a third round of money printing, economist Peter Schiff told CNBC today that the unfolding global depression will force the Fed to resort to QE3 in a failed effort to prop up the plunging stock market.


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Peter Schiff Needs Your Help - Get Your Mouse Clicking Finger Ready

Hey guys -

Let's blast Limbaugh today in addition to Hannity.

I'm working on an easy to follow chart but in the meantime, I just noticed that Rush Limbaugh and Tammy Bruce are burying everyone else on Talk Stream Live.

Lets push Peter Schiff to the top.

Go to

Click on Peter Schiff

Then Click on Radio America

If we all do this throughout his show we will bump him to the top and beat Limbaugh who DOMINATES this time slot on a daily basis. It's time to knock the king of the hill of his pedestal.

Can we beat Limbaugh? I think we can.

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