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"Live and Let Live" our new slogan?

The tv news reports said it twice yesterday: Ron Paul, the Live and Let Live Libertarian... I couldn't have come up with a more descriptive, all American, truthful tag-line.

Live and let live. Simple. Non-threatening. Lots of implied content that is understood immediately by most people, unlike "Hope" or even 'revolution.' Totally positive message.

It is difficult to put the libertarian philosophy into just a few words without leaving the wrong impression or without being vacuous.

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Bleeding-Heart Libertarians: The Poor and Social Justice

A video explaining the benefits of Libertarianism for the poor and social justice. Very interesting and a must watch.

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Poet Looking to donate

Hey All,

I have a Ron Paul Republican friend in the States who wrote an e-book containing a bunch of Poetry, Haiku and Philosophy. Its alot of fun and I think there are definately people here who would enjoy it.

Its got a few good poems on perseverance in the face of adversity and not giving up.

its only 99 cents

He could use some Daily Paul Support. Give him a read its about 70 pages and a review if you're inclined. I appreciate it and he will too I'm sure of it.

Here's a Link

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War - A cycle of misdirected Revenge

Revenge - a part of the human psyche.

Often quoted, often celebrated, often maligned.

The Leading Cause of War.

How then can World Peace be achieved?

The philosophy of individual freedom, championed by GOP Front Runner Ron Paul.

Full freedom by definition includes the ability to pursue one's own self improvement, unrestricted.

Revenge is an instinctual part of the human psyche but self-improvement is an even greater one.

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NeoCons and Socialists

May someone support me with some sources to support this argument. I am currently engaging a socalist in a discussion over this topic. The socialist obviously opposes such a notion that the two are very close in ideals.

thank you,

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Property rights and even value can only exist as long as we are mortal. Discuss.

Is not the very knowledge of our ultimate demise the source of our concept of value? What happens when we achieve levels of immortality?

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Recently I came across this more developed understanding of this word and how it fits into the scheme of things.

'Implied consent' has been a real pain for me at times, more likely it has been synonymous at times with submit ;)

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The r3VOlution transcends.

How do you respond when someone tells you that Ron Paul can't win or is unelectable?

You know what I tell them?

I tell them that I'm doing everything I can to prove that wrong. But then...I tell them that it doesn't matter if Ron Paul wins or loses.

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