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Phone Polls are Obsolete, Ron Paul is the Real Front Runner

This is inspired by a great comment left on the sunshinenews website announcing the Iowa and New Hampshire Primary Polls.

by Richard "These where Phone polls of people registered Rep. Only old people have phones now adays everyone uses a cell and most people dont answer random calls. These polls show nothing because of the out dated system used to track results.

Ron Paul is the real front runner, only one i hear every one talking about and supporting.

Ron Paul 2012!! "

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Some Tips for the Phone from Home Project

So I'm putting together a blog to try and help with the phoning from home. I've got a few years of experience with call centers so I want to share what I've picked up.

I'll be adding more soon but there are a few basic posts to help get people started. If anyone has any specific questions I'd be happy to offer whatever help I can.

Let me know what you think:

If you're new to phoning start at the Introduction at the bottom and work your way up through the topics.

Good luck!

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Anyone Want To Ask Nikki Haley A Question?

Get your questions ready for Gov. Nikki Haley this afternoon at 4. Call (864) 232-word or Spartanburg. 574-word (9673)
This is EST and Today 09-27-2011

This is a chance to bring up Ron Paul..a lot.

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The best thing you can do for ron paul

the most important thing you can do for ron pauls campaign is go here

and join the phone from home progam it saves ron,s campaign alot of money and time so please volunteer and be lend a serious hand in the campaign for liberty!

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H.R. 2306 Marijuana Phone Bomb

Today is the first day of the Marijuana Phone Bomb in support of H.R. 2306. All week long we're calling our representatives and asking them to co-sponsor this legislation for the repeal of cannabis prohibition.

Now is the time to act. Nearly 50% of the country wants to legalize marijuana. Educate your friends and family about marijuana and ask them to join our efforts at

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Perry comes under fire at the CNN/Tea Party Debate

In the 60 seconds it took to write this, they've went and changed "the debate"

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I used to have the Moto Cliq, which allowed me to install a news widget for so I could see the daily article titles feed. However, I just got a Samsung Galaxy S 4g, and I'm not super technologically inclined - I don't seem to have this option! Anyone know of a way to get a widget on my home screen for I'm not very familar with RSS, but would that be a way to do it? If so, how?

Thanks for the help, techies!

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