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Ron Paul Limericks

The lim'rick packs laughs anatomical
In space that is quite economical,
But the good ones I've seen
So seldom are clean,
And the clean ones so seldom are comical.

Let's see if we can make some that are clean, educational, and comical.
Anybody want to give it a try?

Ron Paul is the man of the People.
His wisdom and courage . . . unequalled!
Our POTUS he'll be
If we take to the streets
To awake' Liberty in the sheeple.

This doctor from Texas, Ron Paul,
'gainst blatant assaults has stood tall.
The banksters despise him.
Their "newsmen" deride him

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America Needs A Doctor!

This post/poem is a portion of a blogpost that was written on Constitution Day @ http://4libertysake.com/2011/09/17/america-needs-a-doctor/

Our cries have been many while falling on deaf ears.

Our fights have been plenty while receiving few cheers.

Our work, while rewarding, is done with few peers.

and this country we love, while ailing, remains something we hold dear.

You can’t steal it from us, it’s not yours to take.

We were created for it, in a bond no man can break.

You can’t take it from us, it’s not yours to steal.

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Beautiful antiwar poem from the Norwegian poet Nordahl Grieg (1936)

A direct English translation of a poem from 1936 by Norwegian poet and writer Nordahl Grieg. (Translation by Rakafanten - 2011)

"Johan Nordahl Brun Grieg, known as Nordahl Grieg, (1 November 1902 – 2 December 1943) was a Norwegian poet, novelist, dramatist, journalist and political activist. He was a popular poet and a controversial public figure in his lifetime."

And although he was a convinced Stalinist, I think his poem is both beautiful and as relevant today as ever. I suspect that Nordahl Grieg would have been been an ardent Ron Paul supporter had he been alive today.

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If Ron Paul Was President : the spoken word

A work in progress...something to vent my frustrations.


If Ron Paul was President
It would set a precedent
Out of these endless wars
And out of depression sent

If Ron Paul was President
We would see less money spent
For politicians pet projects
He would bring the end of it

If Ron Paul was President
Taxes would be lower still
Break the chains from our feet
So we can climb up this hill

If Ron Paul was President
The constitution would take center stage
Righting all the wrongs
That previous administrations made

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