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How to Run a Winning Political Campaign: Fight Back Fast

Good FORA talk 4 minute preview, yes it's from an Obama supporter, but he made some good points.


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Connect OccupyWallStreet to Political Contributions

With a few the GOP candidates pounding their chests over their robust third quarter fundraising skills, now is the time to permanently connect them to big banks and financial institutions.

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Tea Party Candidate To Challenge Boehner In 2012

Looks like John Boehner is going to have some competition.
Has anyone heard of this guy?

Tea Party Candidate To Challenge Boehner In 2012

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How do you remove your political contribution info from the web?

I wanna remove this so people can't discriminate me when I'm applying for jobs. Anyone know if this is possible to do? Different sites on the web seem to obtain this information somehow..

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Best Political Ad of 2012?

This campaign ad is hilarious! Just thought I would share:


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CNN: Rick Perry Al Gore 2012

CNN Atlanta Georgia
Breaking News

We have just learned that Governor Rick Perry chose Al Gore as his running mate.
Perry said in a brief statement:
"Al Gore is a good friend with a powerful message for America. We need democrats and independents in our camp and having him as my running mate will bring millions of Americans to our side insuring our final victory"

Governor Rick Perry also announced Ben Bernanke to be his campaign Chairman saying quote:

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The Press, Ron Paul, and Political Theater, by Andrew Schiff

Andrew Schiff's thoughts on why the press doesn't cover Ron Paul and why they and the public think he can't win.


He explains why, "our politicians are allowed to never admit the truth, always blame the opponent, never answer the question that is asked, always respond in platitudes rather than substance, and rigorously stay on message, even when the message is muddled."

Excepting Ron Paul, of course.

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Uligarchians: Start of the Collapse

After all these protest springing up, I decided to write a book about libertarian ideals in an interesting way. It's called Uligarchians: Start of the Collapse.

It's a sci-fi adventure that parodies the United States. Freedom is slowly being lost, and the social problems of the nation seem to be getting worse, not better. The main character learns everything he thought he knew was just a big lie. His journey teaches him that there is a hidden evil getting support from the very people it enslaves.

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Know of any small campaign groups who need help?

I'm posting this to request information in regards to political groups that are looking for an effective tool to help them organize their campaigning efforts.

I've tried asking for feedback, and even offered a free month to anyone willing to check out the system, and have had no responses at all. I'm not sure why, and it doesn't matter because there are literally thousands of other places out there that have yet to be approached. People are busy after all :)

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New system needs users and feedback - so how about FREE

Hi all :)

I posted earlier this week in regards to the political networking tool that I created, but the post either got overlooked, avoided or otherwise (for whatever reasons) had no responses.

So I've decided, since this very forum is where the idea was formed - and the resulting system was designed around many of the wants, likes, dislikes, needs and desires of the people who would actually use it - I will attempt to get feedback in a different way.

How about a free month?

The site is a multi-tooled political networking ENGINE.

Here's a quick summary:

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