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New Ron Paul 2012 Ad: "Secure" (sneak peek!)

POLITICO's Dan Hirschhorn sends over a sneak peek at Ron Paul's new TV ad, being released later today.

It's a 30-second spot that puts some hawkish (and fiscally focused) packaging on his long-held dovish foreign policy. It's the second of three spots in Paul's latest $1 million-plus buy.

"The Paul plan for security? Start protecting America's borders. Stop wasting American money," a narrator says.

All told, Paul's camp is spending $2.5 million late last month and early this month on TV, mail and targeted Internet advertising, Dan reports.

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Update : Nevada Caucus to Stay Put


Nevada Republicans will allow Florida to jump ahead of them on the presidential nominating calendar to preserve the state’s full slate of delegates to the Republican National Convention, state GOP chairwoman Amy Tarkanian said Friday.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0911/64879.html#ixzz1a3...

OP: POLITICO Breaking News
Nevada will hold its presidential caucus Saturday, Jan. 14.

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Politico.. In It NOT to win it

Politico thinks Ron Paul is only trying to "pave the way" for Rand to run..

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Politico: Mitt Romney Doubling Down in Miami Today (9/21/2011), “I told them (Iowans), corporations are people"

Mitt Romney is doubling down on his “corporations are people” line.

Speaking to a town hall-style gathering at a Miami airport hotel, the former Massachusetts governor repeated the line he first said last month at the Iowa State Fair.

“I’ll communicate to the private sector, by the way, that we like you,” Romney said in response to a question about how to encourage banks to lend more money. “We like enterprise. I was in Iowa the other day, and people suggested that we just raise taxes on corporations.”

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Santorum Right About One Thing: Predicts Ron Paul to Win Florida Straw Poll

Check out the closing comments on this Politico interview!


Politico: What do you think we should expect of your finish at the straw poll on Saturday?

Santorum: Oh, uh...(shuffle, shake head, grimace) I suspect that Ron Paul is going to finish first because...ha!... Ron Paul always finishes first in these types of straw polls!

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Politico - Michigan Rep. Justin Amash is backing Ron Paul for President

Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, who's earned a reputation for bucking his party, is backing Ron Paul for president, POLITIO's Dan Hirschhorn reports.

From the statement, in which Amash calls Paul a "top contender" for the presidency and a "mentor:"

“No person in public office has done more to secure the liberty of the American people than Dr. Ron Paul.

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Sept. 11 panel's forgotten concern: ‘paramilitary’ CIA

The 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks has focused attention again on the high-profile commission set up to investigate them, but one of the blue-ribbon panel’s most significant recommendations on how to combat terrorists is virtually ignored these days — and has been forcefully rejected by two successive administrations.

The 9/11 commission’s unanimous report issued in 2004 recommended that the CIA surrender control over “paramilitary” operations, specifically including unmanned armed drones, to the Defense Department’s Joint Special Operations Command.

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Politico : Perry Fully Committed To Florida Straw Poll

Politico : Perry Fully Committed To Florida Straw Poll

Leading Republican presidential contenders Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann say they won't risk their top tier perception by participating in the Florida GOP's Presidency 5 straw poll, even though they will spend plenty of time courting Florida activists in the two days leading up to the Sept. 24 mock election in Orlando. But the Rick Perry presidential campaign confirms to the St. Petersburg Times that the Texas governor is all in.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0911/63071.html#ixzz1XU...

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Analysis of the 09/07 Debate

Like most of you, I was very disappointed with the quality of last night's debate and I felt that it was rigged to favor certain candidates. I decided to do a little analysis of the debate to see how true this was.

The total debate time was about 98 minutes.

25 minutes 13 seconds was devoted to the moderators/applause.

72 minutes 47 seconds was devoted to the candidates speaking.

I calculated the time that each candidate spent speaking:

Rick Perry - 15 min 8 sec
Mitt Romney - 11 min
Michele Bachmann - 9 min 8 sec
John Huntsman - 8 min 51 sec
Ron Paul - 8 min 45 sec

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Haberman at Politico turns on Ron Paul

Maggie Haberman at Politico, while an embarrassment to her profession in terms of writing with the English language, hasn't been overt with ignoring Paul like most of her Politico comrades are. But she has taken a definite turn toward Paul-hate today.

See the last paragraph (on the last page) at

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Are we going to let Politico and CNBC get away with it again?

We plugged the mailboxes at Fox after the Pre Ames Fox Debate and they put the poll back on the next morning. Are we willing to do it again? Does anyone have a list of mailboxes for politico and MSNBC? We have to fight back it is too much for Ron to do by himself. We can stop the bad and non press. We need to get this message out before the debate tonight. Politico already said they will ignore Ron Paul after the ames debate.

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Big Sis calls out Matt Drudge

Big Sis Janet Napolitano calls out Matt Drudge in politico http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6q_kdENFc8

coverage by Infowars.com and Prisonplanet.com LOOK OUT "AUNT JAN" IS ON THE LOOSE

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Ron Paul in the NBC / Politico GOP Debate - 9/7/11

All of Ron Paul's questions & responses here: (Thanks to DPer & YTer Joe Plummer)


Answers separately below, for linking ease to individual points: (Thanks to YouTuber RonPaulSource, and DPer VoteRonPaul2012)

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