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Fed Insider Cain Caught In Brazen Debate Lie

By Paul Joseph Watson

Establishment favorite and former Federal Reserve insider Herman Cain brazenly lied during last night’s Republican debate when he denied that he had opposed an audit of the Fed, a claim that was proven false within hours by Ron Paul’s campaign team.

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Paul Maintains Top Tier Status In New Hampshire, Perry Plummets

By Steve Watson

Congressman Ron Paul has been placed third in the latest telling poll to emerge from the traditional first primary state of New Hampshire, while Rick Perry could only tie for fifth, seeing his numbers plummet to just 4%.

Harvard University Institute of Politics and New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College poll placed Paul in third with 13% of the vote, making him only one of three candidates to score in double digits.

Herman Cain pulled in 20%, while Mitt Romney led the standings with 38%.

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Ron Paul Post Google / Fox Debate Interview With Hannity

Airing Date Sept. 22, 2011

Ron Paul Post Google / Fox Debate Interview With Hannity

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The Washington Post - Why Ron Paul is Winning the GOP Primary

Just 15 seconds into a question-and-answer session with reporters Wednesday morning, Ron Paul found a way to work in a mention of the Austrian School of economics.

From there, he moved inexorably through the Paul oeuvre: the need for the gold standard, the problem with energy efficient light bulbs, why Greece should declare bankruptcy, why Grover Cleveland was his favorite president, and how our economy is collapsing “just like the Soviet system.”

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Please Sign Up For Huffington Post And Favorite Ron Paul Democrats

There are many more Huffington Post visitors that can use your support and there are many Democrats turning onto Dr. Paul. They need your support and you don't even have to leave your house! You don't need to reply, just favorite them and fan them and if you choose to write something nice do so. Just like anywhere else if Ron Paul starts giving Huffpost page hits they will do more articles about him.

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Don't comment re FAKE Palin endorsement. Bump this until it falls off the topics list.

Don't comment re FAKE Palin endorsement. Bump this until it falls off the topics list.

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Post debate polls? and Wolf's contact page.

No CNN post debate poll? Are there other polls I can vote in? Hurry, I need to vote everywhere I can asap. I guess CNN is scared...

Shame on CNN and Wolf Blitzer. Here is a link to make a oomment to Wolf:
ht tp://

Please politely tell Wolf how much he and CNN suck, thanks. And I would like to stress politely tell him that he and CNN suck.

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Five Reasons Why Ron Paul Should Never Become President - Huff Po

1. Paul would restrict abortion based on anecdotal "evidence," rather than science.

2. Paul has dreadful views regarding personal liberty and fundamental rights

3. Paul would threaten the independence of the federal judiciary.

4. Paul wants to repeal historic legislation that was responsible for curtailing racial and sex discrimination in the workplace and for prohibiting racial discrimination in places of public accommodation.

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The True Story behind the Death of Osama bin Laden

I'm no writer, but here is my first unofficial blog post:

"The Death of Osama bin Laden"

It was a cold Sunday evening in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The usual suspects were there, CIA operatives, Pakistani Agents, and Osama Bin was poker night. The undisclosed compound/Man Cave, had been equipped with two pool tables, entertainment center, wet bar, and stripper pole, it was the premier location of debauchery for the regions most dangerous and elite military officers.

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The Washington Post - Ron Paul Churns in the Mention Machine

For someone who complained about a lack of media attention, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul got plenty from The Washington Post this week.

Our ombudsman, Patrick B. Pexton, devoted this past weekend’s column to our coverage of Paul and concluded the Post had a “sparse” record.

The Fix responded with this post explaining why the media might be wary of putting Paul on heavy rotation on its pages.

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Huffington Post -- Another Democrat voting Ron Paul!! YEAH!!


"I Voted for Obama, Now I'm Voting for Ron Paul"

"I never would have thought that the day would come where I would actually consider voting for someone else than a democrat. I want the world to be clean and healthy paradise planet for the next generations and for those that are living here now. I want the freedom to be able to buy clean food and drink unfluoridated water. I feel that its not asking too much, but the current administration continues to take away these rights."

Full story:

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Huffington Post Links to Daily Paul Post (Fantastic!)

In HuffPost article "Bill O'Reilly: Ron Paul 'Whining,' Ignoring Me" just above the Comments section there is a subtitle "Around the Web" and the first link under this heading is a link to Daily Paul post titled "Dick Morris says Ron Paul can't handle tough questions".

Check out:

That's really cool!

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HuffPo - What about Ron Paul?

Looks like ignoring him really did backfire...

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