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Battle of Orlando is Over! Florida is the graveyard of frontrunners. Thanks to you who voted at straw poll.

BE PROUD: Florida Straw Poll has shaken the establishment

Yes, Cain won by a landslide. Even with Ron Paul placing 5th, what happened is very good.

85% of all delegates this past weekend said NO PERRY!!! And 71% said NO to BOTH Perry and Romney. So who is third after those two in national polls? You guessed it, Ron Paul. Paul has the most to gain from these two campaigns collapsing.

Don't focus on the complaints that have been made that the Ron Paul campaign could have done more of this or that. Maybe its true but it was impractical to think he'd win. This was a $175 a ticket straw poll with a short and restricted registration setup plus you had to travel to the location to cast your ballot (many people were put off by the nearly 1,000 mile drive to and back which was my case as well). In fact, most people at P5 just wanted to see and hear Ron Paul in person so winning was not a priority.

Just remember the most important news out of Orlando: Perry is Toast and Ron Paul is HOT! How sweet it is that Florida is the graveyard of frontrunners :-)

Someone said that paying the $175 is like "paying a bribe to the war party of Florida." How bitter and discouraged was that guy? Clearly, he or she did not know what they paid for.

Let me remind you...

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Presidency 5 - Cain Wins Straw Poll; Paul 5th

Cain 37.1%
Perry 15.3%
Romney 14%
Santrum 10.9%
Paul 10.4%
Gingrich 8.4%
Huntsman 2.3%
Bachmann 1.5%

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Paul over Orlando! - Skyspot Advertizing.

Just talking to Robert. Looks like it will cost $1,500 for Thursday and he's a supporter, so that is the cost of gas. Seems like the debate/straw poll is a 2 day thing - right? He can do both days for $3,000.

On Thursday he can start at 8pm and fly for an hour.
On Friday he has a commitment so can't be there till 9pm but is also willing to fly for an hour.

Here is the Chipin:

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