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On Friday, CME Group Hiked Comex Gold Margins 21.5%, Silver by 15.6%

This may be the reason that gold and silver plunged. But, it goes deeper than this. The bankers knew they would be pulling out of the markets to buy Treasuries, which is propping up the dollar, so, why raise margins on gold and silver if they were going to fall anyway? The excuse they give is the margin increases are due to volatility, not prices. I'm not buying it.

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Hospitals and Doctors don’t advertise their prices.

Hospitals and Doctors don’t advertise their prices and it’s the norm. Is there something wrong with that?

Back in the 6th grade in 1973, we had a guy come to our class from Soviet Russia. He was a violinist and had escaped and got asylum. Our teach asked us all, "Please ask 'Surrgay' your questions". The number one question we asked again and again was, "Why did you come here?"

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Ron Paul Schools Bachmann On Gas Prices

A great read with the author of it explaning what Ron Paul mean't that he can give us gas for ten cents because silver dimes are at a inflated price of 3.50 cents on average compared to Bachmann who is promising lower but still inflated gas prices per gallon.

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