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CA prisoners in private prison in Oklahoma

Something about privately owned prisons and being incarcerated in another state seems very wrong. That's over 2K CA prisoners in Oklahoma in a privately owned prison? Yikes. I looked at the website of the company and you can invest in it! It trades on the NYSE

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British celebrity, Stephen Fry, discusses America's out of control prisons

The failure of the US prison and legal systems is shocking. Here, Stephen Fry discusses the absurdity with fellow Brits.

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Peter Schiff On Alex Jones' Infowars Nightly News Discusses The Economy And Ron Paul's Campaign

In last night's live broadcast of Infowars Nightly News on Alex Jones interviews Peter Schiff on the direction of the economy, the failure of government stimulus to create jobs, what will happen in the future as these policies go forward, and the Ron Paul campaign including the smear attempts.

Added to youtube today September 21st, 2001

Part 1:

Part 2:

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While Americans suffer, Pentagon blows $100M for 2,000 prisoners

US to Build Massive New Prison in Bagram
by Glenn Greenwald

As the Obama administration announced plans for hundreds of billions of dollars more in domestic budget cuts, it late last week solicited bids for the construction of a massive new prison in Bagram, Afghanistan. Posted on the aptly named FedBizOps.Gov website which it uses to announce new privatized spending projects, the administration unveiled plans for "the construction of Detention Facility in Parwan (DFIP), Bagram, Afghanistan" which includes "detainee housing capability for approximately 2000 detainees." It will also feature "guard towers, administrative facility and Vehicle/Personnel Access Control Gates, security surveillance and restricted access systems." The announcement provided: "the estimated cost of the project is between $25,000,000 to $100,000,000."

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