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Wall Street protests to target NYC millionaires' homes

When Martin Luther King Jr. took the Civil Rights protesters to the rich neighborhoods of Chicago, things got heated and nasty. This move by Occupy Wall Street will cause alarm for millionaires in NYC.

"...The marchers plan to visit the homes of News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch, JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and oil tycoon David Koch, among others. They don't have a permit, but will walk in a narrow column so they don't block sidewalks, according to Doug Forand, a protest leader...."

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ACORN Behind Occupy Wall Street Protest

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!...

A famously corrupt leftist community organization with deep ties to President Barack Obama is largely behind the national movement to “end economic segregation” and social injustice in the United States.

Best known as Occupy Wall Street, the rowdy protests have received quite a bit of mainstream media coverage around the world. Besides New York, disruptive marches have been held in other major U.S. cities such as Los Angeles, Seattle, Miami and Boston and more are scheduled in the coming days.

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‘Occupy Wall Street’ Tax Proposal Is Backed By Wall Street Itself

The “Buffett tax rule” being promoted by Occupy Wall Street protesters is exactly what the Wall Street-owned Obama administration wants

Written by Paul Joseph Watson

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We should occupy voting booths

I think we should be very careful about 'occupy anything'. As these 'protests' grow they are bound to get ugly, somewhere sometime. I have been seeing video clips of Ron Paul signs on TV when they talk about these protests.

I am growing increasingly concerned that some a$$hole is going to throw a rock or a bottle at a cop, and sooner or later one of the cops will over react in some way. You KNOW this is going to happen sooner or later as this 'movement' grows. That one event will be a trigger and then all hell could break loose.

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Occupy Boston Protest Ends at Fed

The first Occupy Boston march was last night. It ended at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Here's some protest footage:

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Do Not Protest On Wall Street

Ron Paul supporters should have seen this coming long ago and we should know by now that this is not our fight.
95% of the people protesting most likely voted for Obama in 2008 and are now looking for change by other means.

We should know by now what needs to be done to bring about the changes in society that we want to see and joining this protest is certainly not one of them.

Let the parasites scream at each other till they turn purple!

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Day 185.Occupy Wall Street.Nationwide Military Curfew Still in effect.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”

I'm packing up and heading out. Good luck folks!

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Focus On Peace

A new politically neutral peace group is forming. Join us:

Focus On Peace

Our purpose is to have a peace movement that welcomes people of all ideologies, creeds, and beliefs. One that makes everyone feel not only comfortable but a part of the movement. No one should feel that they are endorsing someone else's political agenda when standing up for peace. To this end we have only one focus: ending the wars abroad.

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U.K. Pair Get Four Years Each for Facebook Riot Posts

Cheshire Police said Jordan Blackshaw, 20, and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan, 22, both received 4-year sentences for using Facebook to "organize and orchestrate" disorder.

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