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military contributions for 3rd Quarter?

Who knows how to find out the military contributions for Q3?

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Paul Third in Fundraising for Q3


The early word on third quarter fundraising numbers: The frontrunners are still the frontrunners, and the Cain surge is only belatedly being matched with money. The numbers we know:

Rick Perry - Around $17 million.

Mitt Romney - "More than $14 million."

Ron Paul - $8 million.

Herman Cain - "North of $2 million." (That's about what he did in the second quarter.)

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Q3 8 million?

Via Twitter

DanPolitico Dan Hirschhorn
by jmartpolitico
. @RonPaul about to announce he raised $8M in Q3 politi.co/nw7E0Z my scooplet on @maggiepolitico @aburnspolitico blog

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Q3 Fundraising. We can get to these numbers!

"Perry’s backers have pegged his target at $10 million to $15 million, although his success will be judged in part by how much he raises outside Texas, where he is governor. Romney, meanwhile, is expected to post a similarly substantial sum, but aides cautioned that he was unlikely to surpass the $18 million he reported for the last quarter."


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