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Manufactured consent Noam Chomsky 3 1 of 17

I haven't read his books but this series is great - I'm on #3 1 of 17 -

Great information so far...

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question everyone should ask about "their" presidential candidate

Does your presidential candidate have a back bone like a saw log with a steel rod inserted in it?

I ask because

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Ron Paul speaking Spanish

A friend of mine attended UMiami and saw Ron Paul debate there in 2007. Apparently he speaks fluent Spanish, while most other candidates don't. It would be awesome if a hispanic RP supporter submitted a youtube question for tomorrow's debate, then at the end said "bonus points if the candidates answer in Spanish."

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*Active Poll* Vote Here for Military Question for Fox Debate Thursday Night! Link Below!

Foreign Policy
Congressman Paul has received more campaign contributions from active military than the rest of you combined. What do you know that so many of our troops serving abroad just don't get?

Benji Thompson, Lakeland, Florida

Vote Now

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How soon do you think the wars would end if the draft were reinstated?

Do you think one of the reasons some young men are enlisting is for a paycheck because they can't find a job in this down economy?

Just asking

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voting question.

ive been telling everybody that will listen to me all about ron paul. my son in law is a registered voter in missouri, but the whole family moved back here to kansas last summer. so, he told me a cuppla days ago that he will vote for ron paul cause he agrees with ron's plan to get the military back home. (he's in the national gaurd, and is sposed to be deployed soon.) so- does anyone know if he has to re-register, or is it, once youre registered to vote, you can vote anywhere you are in america? sorry if its a stupid question, but im 51 years old, and never voted in my life.

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