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5 questions . for Ron Paul

1. You voted for the initial Afghanistan invasion, targeting those who attacked the U.S. on 9/11. Many people view you as a complete pacifist. Are those people correct or is your foreign policy view misunderstood?

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Got questions for Obama?

Do you have questions for Obama? I doubt they will allow any that are in support of Ron Paul, but maybe someone can sneak some in that will highlight the differences between Dr. Paul and Obama!

Ask President Obama what's on your mind, and see live interview

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Anyone Want To Ask Nikki Haley A Question?

Get your questions ready for Gov. Nikki Haley this afternoon at 4. Call (864) 232-word or Spartanburg. 574-word (9673)
This is EST and Today 09-27-2011

This is a chance to bring up Ron Paul..a lot.

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TeaParty Debate # of times spoken

this includes intros, rebuttals, etc.

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Question Tally by Candidate

I was bored at work and tallied the questions and rebuttals given to the candidates in lasts nights debate. Paul's tally mostly came from interacting with Perry. In the "non-lightning lightning round" he was given the final question and barely because they were over time. I think he should ride his bicycle around stage or start dancing to get more attention.

Perry: 22 (26.8%)
Romney: 14 (17%)
Bachmann: 10 (12%)
Paul: 9 (11%)
Huntsman: 8 (9%)
Gingrich: 7 (8.5%)
Santorum: 6 (7%)
Cain: 6 (7%)

Probably not quite 100% exact but it is really close.

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voting question.

ive been telling everybody that will listen to me all about ron paul. my son in law is a registered voter in missouri, but the whole family moved back here to kansas last summer. so, he told me a cuppla days ago that he will vote for ron paul cause he agrees with ron's plan to get the military back home. (he's in the national gaurd, and is sposed to be deployed soon.) so- does anyone know if he has to re-register, or is it, once youre registered to vote, you can vote anywhere you are in america? sorry if its a stupid question, but im 51 years old, and never voted in my life.

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