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Speaking to the OWS crowd about Ron Paul

Fellow Ronulans!

Yesterday at the Honolulu version of Occupy Wall Street I had some success in converting potential voters, and a lot of success making the protestors think about the people running for office (about a 5% voter conversion of the crowd, but the rest certainly had food for thought). I thought I would share it with you. I'm sure many or most of you are already doing something similar, but... just in case...

When I started talking, I summarized the chief complaint of all the protestors there: they are tired of big money influence in Washington DC, and of the "greedy" banks and corporations not sharing the wealth. Some wanted government to step in and do something, and others already knew that change was going to largely come from our dollar vote; where and how we spent our money.

Then I moved into discussing President Obama's devotion and allegiance to Wall Street, and tied in the beau coup sums of money he received in 2008 and will receive in 2012 from Wall Street interests. I told them that Mitt Romney is also a Wall Street sweetheart and gets tons of money from special interests. Finally, I moved to discussing Rick Perry's $17 million haul over 2 months from 20,000 donors, and juxtaposed that with Ron Paul's $8 million haul... from 100,000 donors.

I asked them what they thought that meant, and most realized that Perry was also a sweetheart of corporate interests. I told them Ron Paul doesn't get a dime from the corporations or lobbyists and I asked them if they knew why.

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Occupy Wall Street and Collective Consciousness

There is a global awakening occurring which involves a shift in
consciousness on many levels as evidenced by the Occupy Wall Street movement, which has caught on globally as individuals are awakening to a global collective consciousness in unity against the tyranny and oppression of all governments and in particular, a banking system that has made us all economic slaves.

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Ron Paul ReSupply (Grassroot Materials for Ron Paul RƎVOLTUTION)

    Attention All Soldiers for Liberty!

The Ron Paul ReSupply website is officially up and running. We need your help to make it into a useful tool for the movement, please visit the site via search engine i.e. Google, Yahoo, and/or Bing.


When Googling please enter: Ron Paul ReSupply
or click here: http://www.google.com/search?q=ron+paul+resupply&rls=com.mic...

here is the URL:www.ronpaulresupply.com


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The Revolution Starts Now (1:24)


Enjoy. Also, watch my other videos if you feel so inclined.

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Help Me Fly For Dr. Paul!

We all support Dr. Paul and some skydivers are making the Leap For Liberty.

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R3VOLUTION MARCH - Washington, D.C. - Oct 15th

At the Washington Monument, from 8am to 5pm.


Here's the lineup so far:

Speaking on the Constitution & Liberty

11:30 Matt Shea - State Representative for Washington

12:00 Michael Boldin - Director of 10th Amendment Center

12:30 Jarod Fuller - National Director of Year of Youth

1:00 Stewart Rhodes - President of Oath Keepers

Speaking on Sound Money, IRS, Economy

2:00 Sheriff Mack - Former Arizona Sheriff

3:00 Doug Tjaden - Head of Sound Money Center

Speaking on Foreign Policy

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