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Federal agents raid 8 IHOP restaurants

A spokesman for the FBI's Cleveland division said he could not discuss what prompted the raids, because the federal search warrants were sealed. FBI agent Scott Wilson said he did not know if anyone was detained as a result of the searches.

Besides the Findlay restaurant, searches were conducted at five IHOP locations in the Toledo area, one location in Lima, and one in Evansville, Ind.

All the locations are owned by the same company, an IHOP spokesman said. They were all raided about the same time. Search warrants were issued at 6 a.m., Homeland Security reported.

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MA State Patrol Shut Down 12 Year Old's Green Tea Stand

add this to the growing list of blah blah you need a permit.. this stuff needs to be changed.

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The line in the sand is in Nashville!

The line in the sand should have been drawn long ago! Abuse of federal police power must come to an abrupt end. This time its the Gibson Guitar Corporation in Nashville and Memphis.

I hope the musicians have had THEIR fill of it now! If this doesn't lead to a massive concert in Nashville that marks the end of the line for this abuse of federal police powers I don't know WHAT it will take for the American people to awake from the self induced coma.

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Video: CEO Responds to Raid on Gibson Guitars in Nashville

A must watch video for all Ron Paul supporters.

This guy should be a Ron Paul supporter. He mentions the constitution and calling congress - though concern folks may have because they might get shot. He has defied the armed agents orders to shut down. He has his workers continuing manufacture at risk of being busted - this guy rocks ... You have to listen to the q&a which is the bulk of this video. Good stuff.

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Gibson Guitar CEO interview about Homeland Security raid (Video)

Gibson CEO talks about the 24th August raid on Gibson Factories, which is a follow up from the 2009 raids.

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