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Audio: Hannity complains to Rand Paul that Ron Paul has been attacking him and won't come on the show

I have no idea what Hannity is referring to, does anyone else know? Rand also comments on the OWS movement in the interview.

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Rand Paul on Freedom Watch: "They're On Their iPhones, Wearing Designer Jeans"


"They are on their iPhone made by Apple Inc. They are wearing designer jeans their parents bought them. That's the kind of stuff I'm annoyed with when they say corporations are evil."

The Judge talks with Rand Paul about the presidents jobs bill, and Occupy Wall Street..

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Drudge: Rand Paul: Obama’s Rhetoric Could Turn ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Violent

Friday, October 7, 2011

During a Fox Business interview with Judge Andrew Napolitano, Senator Rand Paul warned that Barack Obama’s implicit support for the grievances of the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters could provoke them to turn into a violent mob.

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Rand Paul Memorabilia!

Hey everyone, thought this would be a good idea for anyone around the country that wants some Rand Paul memorabilia. I was a volunteer for the campaign here in Paducah, KY and acquired two (2), MEDIUM sized, navy blue campaign t-shirts. They have only been worn and washed once, basically good as new. I've included one picture of me wearing it so you can see the front, and the other is of the back. I no longer have a need for these shirts (or room!) and don't want to just throw them away.

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Senator Rand Paul will travel on Air Force One with President Obama

Via Rand Pauls Facebook

Rand Paul
‎Senator Rand Paul will travel on Air Force One with President Obama to assay the conditions at the Brent Spence Bridge in Northern Kentucky.

Senator Paul to Present Emergency Highway Fund Plan to President Obama, Attend Northern Kentucky Event

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Thursday, Sept. 22, Sen. Rand Paul will travel on Air Force One with President Obama to assay the conditions at the Brent Spence Bridge in Northern Kentucky.

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Let's Crush Sean Hannity's Ratings Today - You Can Help

Sean Hannity dominates the airwaves between noon and 3pm pacific time Monday through Friday. I'm looking to change that and am asking for your help.

Taking on Hannity's radio affiliates is a monumental task that I am working on. However, taking on his internet ratings can be done easily.

We have mastered the art of winning every online poll for Ron Paul. We dominate the internet. Here is a way we can start to dominate the online radio ratings and start pushing out the phony conservatives.

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LIVE Broadcast from lpac 2011 In Reno, NV Friday 16, 2011 - Guests: Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Jack Hunter and more

Talk show host Jerry Doyle will be broadcasting his nationally syndicated show LIVE from LPAC 2011 in Reno, NV on Friday the 16th. Scheduled guests include Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Jack Hunter and Tom Mullen.

You can tune in and listen live starting at 12 noon PDT/3pm EDT by clicking on this link: http://www.talkstreamlive.com/talk_radio/jerry_doyle.stream

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Video: Rand Paul on Hannity 9/08/11; Addresses Obama Speech & Debate

Rand addresses the Perry debate confrontation, says it was actually a friendly conversation between the two, and also clues Sean in on what a strong national defense really means.


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Rand Paul op-ed in Washington Times: EPA regulations violate constitutional rights

This is from Thursday last week but I don't think it was ever posted here and it deserve some attention. Very good piece by Rand.


PAUL: EPA regulations violate constitutional rights
Out-of-control agency turns everyday life into a federal crime

By Sen. Rand Paul - The Washington Times
Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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Bowling Green Daily News: Rand Paul blasts Obama’s nomination of Krueger (blast is an understatement)

Rand Paul just implied that Obama might be fitting the definition of "insane". Here he goes after Keynesians, war, taxes, jobs, and class warfare. I'm so glad we got him into the senate! A thoroughly enjoyable article!!!

"Following a speech to the Bowling Green Rotary Club on Wednesday, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., harshly criticized President Barack Obama’s nomination of Alan Krueger to become chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers."

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