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Answer to dismissal of Paul's libertarian views

Have you noticed how a lot of pundits and politicians belittle Ron's positions as libertarian rather than conservative? Here's a way to shut them up.

The following is from an interview of Reagan by Manuel Klausner in the July 1975 issue of Reason Magazine:

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Old Ronald Reagan Campaign Ad: "I will bring back the gold standard"

Ronald Reagan's presidential campaign ad which explains the damage caused by the government's decision to stop tying the dollar to gold. Reagan states firmly that gold-backed currency was the only way to restore price stability and end inflation.

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Something strange is afoot at the Reagan Library

They played the TRUST video twice around the time of the debate.

Look at 1:30 - 1:50 in the debate link below

Is this strange?
1) Slam hand @ "TRUST"
2) Go to shot of Perry + Paul
3) Go to shot of Paul + "Reagan"

I think the slamming wouldn't be random.

I think it's interesting.

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Ronald Reagan on Foreign Policy

Reagan’s Foreign Policy

Reagan was not the interventionist that the preemptive warfare crowd attempt to mis-portray him as. The only land conflict Reagan ever got involved in was Grenada. It lasted two days. Reagan’s only air strike was the 1986 bombing of Libya, lasting a day.

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Washington Times article

"The only thing that this debate had in common with the rest of the Republican debates was that the moderators did not moderate, and that Ron Paul walked away as the only candidate to provide any substance...once again." (more)

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Question Tally by Candidate

I was bored at work and tallied the questions and rebuttals given to the candidates in lasts nights debate. Paul's tally mostly came from interacting with Perry. In the "non-lightning lightning round" he was given the final question and barely because they were over time. I think he should ride his bicycle around stage or start dancing to get more attention.

Perry: 22 (26.8%)
Romney: 14 (17%)
Bachmann: 10 (12%)
Paul: 9 (11%)
Huntsman: 8 (9%)
Gingrich: 7 (8.5%)
Santorum: 6 (7%)
Cain: 6 (7%)

Probably not quite 100% exact but it is really close.

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The Irony.. Ron Paul the only candidate endorsed by Reagan

Im not one for throwing around the Reagan endorsement card, but I just find it ironic, and interesting that Ron Paul is the only candidate that was on stage for the debate who was actually endorsed by Reagan himself.

I find it odd, though not surprising, that this was not brought up at all during the debate.

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Paul is more important that Reagan

I do wish Dr. Paul and the campaign would stop talking about Ronald Reagan. The ideas of Dr. Paul's campaign, as well as his consistent constitutional voting record are FAR bigger than Ronald Reagan. In my opinion, neither Dr. Paul nor the campaign should compare themselves to Reagan anymore.

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# of times each candidate got to speak

Here are the # of times each candidate got to speak at the RR debate last night.

# of times each candidate spoke at ronald reagan debate 2011 on Twitpic

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Ron Paul Won The Reagan Library Debate Hands Down

Who do you think won the Republican debate at the Reagan library? Cong. Ron Paul of course hands down!!!!

56,302 Votes to have a 49.4% Overall This is America Speaking!!!

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Ron Paul versus Rick Perry: Who is Ronald Reagan's true heir?

Rep. Ron Paul and Texas Gov. Rick Perry have been trading barbs, with both talking about allegiance to Ronald Reagan. Their arguments take a few liberties

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