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Ron Paul Candidate Profile

Name: Ron Paul (b. Ronald Ernest Paul)

DOB: August 20, 1935 (shares a birthday with Jacqueline Susann, Slobodan Milocevic and Al Roker)

Aliases: Dr. No, He Who Must Not Be Named, The Fringe Candidate Who Polls Above 30 Percent

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Reason: Ralph Nader Hearts Ron Paul, Hails Potential Left-Libertarian Alliance

Ralph Nader Hearts Ron Paul, Hails Potential Left-Libertarian Alliance

Matt Welch | September 28, 2011

Michael Tracey, who wrote about restrictive teen-driving laws in the June issue of Reason, catches up with the consumer crusader for The American Conservative:

Looking ahead to the 2012 presidential race, one might assume that Nader has little to be cheerful about.

Yet he says there is one candidate who sticks out—who even gives him hope: Rep. Ron Paul of Texas.

"Look at the latitude," Nader says, referring to the potential for cooperation between libertarians and the left. "Military budget, foreign wars, empire, Patriot Act, corporate welfare—for starters. When you add those all up, that's a foundational convergence. Progressives should do so good."


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Ron Paul Wins!?!?!

I'm so happy that I could cry. They give him no time to speak, launch a smear campaign, threaten, mock, and ignore his message, and he still wins! No army can stop an idea whose time has come! He is 76 but everyoung and I'm so surprised that he is winning that I really do not know what to do. I supported Ron in 2007 with a homemade banner made out of a shower curtain, but I thought it was a lost cause. A protest in the face of unstoppable tyranny.

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My response to that Will Wilkinson hit piece

A video I promised but never got up to uploading due to my college's bad internet. Enjoy and tell me what I could do better to support Paul. Sadly, all I know how to do is analyze news.

Edit: I shamelessly stole the title from my hero Tom Woods. It is an excellent title to bring their arguments into perspective.

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Matt Welch on FEMA "Of all the subsidies that are the most difficult to remove it is those that affect the rich"

I promised to point out the positive Ron Paul press that comes out of Reason Mag. I have three good ones today and they all come from Matt Welch who is editor and chief.

First is a you tube video on Freedom watch. Although Ron isn't mentioned specifically, he explains why FEMA is bad economics and should be repealed. Makes him one of the few on TV besides Ron taking this position.

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Yet Another Example of Reason Mag Not Hating on Ron

I have been opposed to the large amount of Reason Mag hate going around on the DP. I'm going to try and post more stories and blogs they run on him. They also linked this morning to a story about the success of the money bomb.

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Reason Magazine is anti-ron paul

Sorry, but the more I look into Reason Magazine the more I find out they do NOT support Ron Paul in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER!

I do NOT accept the notion that its an okay magazine and we shouldnt be painting them all with one brush. Nick is in charge and he should take responsibility. It is also the only known libertarian magazine.

Here is some excerpts from articles on Ron Paul from Reason:

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Reason editor on Fox
I think we should let her know of what we think of her goofy assessment of Dr. Paul.

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[T]reason Magazine DEFENDS dismissing Ron Paul

Personally I think [T]Reason JUST DONT GET IT. Since now they are defending her remarks. Even if its true that Paul doesn't have a big chance of winning, we dont need ONE MORE "LIBERTARIAN" mocking his chances and downplaying it with a SMIRK on her face on TV, because what it does is feed into "im wasting my vote if I vote for Ron Paul."

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Reason Mag betrays Ron Paul and the freedom movement

Posted on Ron Paul Forums, here's a clip of Katherine Mangu-Ward ( of Reason Magazine betraying Ron Paul as not electable on Fox. I've sent an email to her and Nick at Reason. I've supported Reason for 20 years... what the hell?!?

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