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Ron Paul's Views on Evolution Are Irrelevant! (video)

As someone who reads Reddit daily, the topic of Ron Paul rejecting the theory of evolution comes up as a reason to not consider him as a viable candidate.

Now to us, it's a non-issue. We see the forest and not just a tree of ideas. For those who don't know the argument, it's very simple.

The story goes like this. If Ron Paul rejects evidence based science, he will reject anything.

These people get up-voted in the several hundreds where people agree with this line of logic.

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"We the People" Video, amazing, must go viral.

Amazing new video!
New member of RPF posted it.
This video is amazing and needs to go viral, please spread it around! Like and Favorite it. Help me upvote it on Reddit, register for an account if you don't have one.

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My first submissions were rejected because I was trying to mention that the MSM would rather you ignore him.

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