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On An Alternative To Lamestream Debates

I am of course, consistently disappointed with the nature of the so called "debates" and tonight's was no exception, each go round, we witness a spectacle that would no better assist an undecided voter in educating themselves about the contenders platforms and policy intentions (notice I did not say their sentiment or ideology) than would a leaflet.

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S. 306 contact your Senator immediately

Sen. Jim Webb of VA has been very responsible to put forth S. 306, which will review our criminal justice system, from top to bottom. There are a number of endorsers to this legislation. It deserves your support, contact your US Senator to co-sponsor & support. This is an urgent matter, this is 1 of the major problems this country has, right up there w/ taxation, the Federal Reserve. If the WDC switchboard is closed, at least call 1 of their state offices. Yes, Uncle Rand should co-sponsor it, too.

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Comprehensive Electoral Reform: Do You Support This?

Just put together a set of electoral reforms that I hope makes the whole process easier to digest.

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